After a Long Wait What If…? Gets Released Date On Disney+

After a Long Wait What If... Gets Released Date On Disney+

This Thursday (8), Disney+ made available the first official trailer and a new poster for What If…? – the next series from Marvel Studios.

Disney+ has also revealed that the first animated series from Marvel Studios will arrive on the streaming platform as early as August 11, and will feature engaging re-imaginings of iconic events from films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

The series centers on Uatu, an observer who keeps track of all the events of the universe, or rather the multiverse. In the comics, Uatu belongs to an ancient alien race that has sworn to watch over all civilizations without ever interfering. In the series, he will be the narrator who will introduce viewers to the various parallel realities.

Creating a multiverse of infinite possibilities, What If…? features fan-favorite characters including Peggy Carter, T’Challa, Doctor Strange, Killmonger, Thor, and more.

This new ten-episode project will explore alternate worlds, letting us know what would happen in the universe if certain events had occurred slightly differently.

Some questions raised by the series include, “What would happen if T’Challa had been kidnapped by Yondu instead of Peter Quill?“, “What would happen if Tony Stark had been saved by Killmonger in the desert of Afghanistan?“, among many more.

Most of the MCU cast will return to voice their characters. The series includes Samuel L. Jackson, Hayley Atwell, Karen Gillan, Michael Douglas, Jeff Goldblum, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Natalie Portman, and Jeffrey Wright‘s debut Uatu the Watcher.

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