Black Widow Deleted Scene Gives Alternate Ending. Watch!

Black Widow Deleted Scene Gives Alternate Ending. Watch!

It’s not news that we know that not all scenes shot in Marvel’s (or any studio’s) films and series end up airing.

The latest production with a deleted scene discovered was Black Widow. And we’re not talking about just any scene. The moment reveals an entirely different alternate ending to the one we saw in the movie, where Natasha simply leaves on a spaceship.

In fact, she appears on a motorcycle, in a neighborhood in Ohio, in a place surrounded by children playing and having fun. Then, of course, there was the place where she grew up, and her surprise was when she sees that the kids are playing Avengers. Check it out:

It is possible to understand why the ending was different. The scene chosen for the final cut directly connects to what happens to Natasha in Avengers: Infinity War when she goes after Steve Rogers.

The moment we see in the video, Scarlett Johansson’s character is not going after her friend but rather revisiting her childhood

Another eye-catching detail is the blonde hair, considered iconic by many Black Widow fans. To memorialize the moment, a little girl appears in black, just as Natasha is, playing with her friends, posing as the Black Widow.

There is nothing better for Natasha, who has always had the idea to be hated and feared, to see that she is inspiring children, especially girls, to fight.

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