Black Widow: Kevin Feige Backs Red Guardian Spin-Off Idea

Black Widow: Kevin Feige Backs Red Guardian Spin-off Idea
Black Widow Kevin Feige Backs Red Guardian Spin-off Idea

Red Guardian has been one of Black Widow’s most praised characters, and many people are calling for his return in the future.

Kevin Feige, the CEO of Marvel Studios, seems to agree with the suggestion. He would even like to put in place some bolder ideas, such as a fight between Alexei Shostakov and Sam Wilson, who is the actual holder of Captain America’s mantle, in a much-anticipated showdown.

The Marvel boss participated in an online screening of Black Widow with fans, making comments and answering questions via Marvel Studios’ Twitter.

Asked initially about a possible return of Red Guardian, Feige replied that he would like to see him back as well but ended up detailing that in another post.

When a fan asked about a possible showdown with the new Captain America, Feige tagged actors Anthony Mackie and David Harbour, returning the question.

I’d like to see that…how about you guys?” before quoting  Sam Wilson and Shostakov. I wonder if we will one day see this epic battle between the heroes…

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