Chucky is Back in 2021 And He Wants to Play in a The New Teaser Trailer

Chucky is Back in 2021 And He Wants to Play in a The New Teaser Trailer

The new series of the Chucky franchise is about to hit the screens, and in addition to the teaser, more news has been revealed by Don Mancini himself.

The seemingly harmless but life-affirming puppet with a thirst for destruction is ready for another round of pranks, as only he knows how. The bloodbath is about to begin in this TV Series that will premiere later this year on SYFY.

In the newest trailer teaser, we can see a seemingly normal garage sale until our “friend” shows up, steals the kitchen knife that was (almost purposely) beside him, and is bought by Jake Webber (Zackary Arthur), a young teenager. Then, of course, it ends with the iconic Brad Dourif‘s dummy laugh, which always leaves us with goosebumps.

Don Mancini, the mind behind the devilish puppet, revealed that the protagonist of this series will be Jake, a teenager who suffers from bullying at school for being gay and is still grieving the death of his mother. He is a young artist who makes sculptures out of doll parts, and that’s the reason why he decides to buy the seemingly harmless and inanimate Chucky at the garage sale.

Although we have had many people tormented by him before, this will be the first time there will be an LGBTQ+ protagonist, which proves to be quite inclusive and one of the most interesting parts of this production.

Despite the already familiar names of the franchise in the cast, there will also be newcomers in this field: Teo Briones (“Ratched”), Alyvia Alyn Lind (“Over the Edge”), and Björgvin Arnarson (“The Seventh Day”) will certainly bring some fresh air to this horror saga. And don’t think it stops there, as Mancini has revealed that there will be more productions coming soon within the Chucky horror universe.

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