Chucky The Killer Toy is Returning in a New TV Series

Chucky The Killer Toy is Returning in a New TV Series

Chucky, the devilish doll that gave us many a childhood insomniac, will return in a series that promises to bring the movies’ nostalgia (and terror) to the small screen.

The seemingly sweet little doll that comes to life at night to terrorize everyone and everything is back and with a team very familiar to fans of the franchise.

This time around, Chucky shows up unexpectedly at a small American town’s garage sale, only to quickly spread chaos with a series of mysterious and gruesome murders that will expose the secrets of its inhabitants.

According to the creator of this project, Don Mancini, who has been present in the production team since the first Chucky the Evil Doll, the new TV Series will be a sequel to Cult of Chucky. Many well-known actors are back on the screen, such as Alex Vincent and Christine Elise McCarthy.

If we go back to the first films, we will find Vincent playing little Andy, the doll’s owner and the first child tormented by the killer doll, while McCarthy gave life to his adopted sister, Kyle.

Both had a special appearance in Cult of Chucky, probably to create this connection with the upcoming series. Who is also back is the iconic original voice of the devilish doll, Brad Dourif and Jennifer Tilly as his fearsome bride, Tiffany Valentine.

If this news doesn’t leave you with anticipation for this production, we don’t know what will. Will we see these two characters back as adults after what they went through in their childhood, watching it all happen again?

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