Confirmed! Savant Was Sent to Belle Reve By Black Canary

Confirmed! Savant Was Sent to Belle Reve By Black Canary

In David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, the heroes who arrested the film’s villains are revealed. Except for Captain Boomerang, who was detained by Flash, the other criminals were arrested by Batman.

But in James Gunn’s Suicide Squad, those responsible for sending the film’s protagonists to Belle Reve prison have not been disclosed.

It is only known that Idris Elba’s Bloodsport was arrested after shooting Superman with a kryptonite bullet and sending him to the ICU. But it was unclear whether it was the Man of Steel who captured him.

Through his profile on the social network Twitter, DC productions’ project supervisor, and DC Comics editor-in-chief Jim Lee has confirmed that Black Canary was responsible for imprisoning the villain Savant in Belle Reve prison.

Lee stated that one of the references to the occasion is at the very beginning of The Suicide Squad movie when the villain, played by Michael Rooker, kills a small canary with his training ball.

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