Dragon Ball Super: Akira Toriyama Changes Namekuseijins’ Origin

Dragon Ball Super Akira Toriyama Changes Namekuseijins' Origin

The Dragon Ball Super manga recently introduced us to a new member of the namekuseijins race, the elder Monaito, Granola‘s ally.

His arrival brings news regarding other Dragon Balls and his entire race, which has already had great importance and has had Piccolo as its main representative since then.

In a recent chapter, Monaito explains to Granola that the Namekuseijins are not native to the planet Namekusei, destroyed by Freeza during the events of Dragon Ball Z.

Originally, Piccolo, Dende, and Kami-Sama‘s people lived on planet Cereal, along with the Cerealians, Granola’s people, but they moved to other systems for some reason.

The information took everyone by surprise and was confirmed by Toyotaro, who also revealed that the idea came from Akira Toriyama himself, creator of the franchise.

“Yeah, who would have thought that the Namekuseijins were never a native race of the planet Namekusei? I mean, I definitely couldn’t make that kind of huge decision. That came from Toriyama.

The illustrator said in an interview with Shueisha.

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