Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero First TEASER Trailer Revealed

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero First TEASER Trailer Relvealed

Dragon Ball Super has debuted the first teaser trailer for its upcoming film, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero! It is scheduled to premiere in 2022.

A new dose of Dragon Ball is on the way! Following the end of the Dragon Ball Super (DBS) series in 2018, that same year saw the movie DBS: Broly, which followed the story of the series. Fans have been waiting for news of the saga’s sequel ever since, and the good news finally arrived during a panel at Comic-Con 2021.

Toei Animation then officially announced the official name of the new movie, titled Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero! and a short teaser was revealed, showing a glimpse of Son Goku’s new look.

As the title suggests, the new film’s theme will revolve around superheroes (will we see the return of Son Gohan and Videl’s secret identities?). Additionally, it has been confirmed that the story will be a sequel to DBS: Broly.

In the teaser, we can confirm that the creative team will introduce innovations to the animation style and designs, using different technologies (it looks like they will stick to the increasingly common use of a mix of hand-drawn and CG animation), which will bring new “movements and emotions.” But, of course, the technical team desires that fans will want to see and review the new animations.

In addition to the short teaser, the look of some characters, such as Piccolo, Kuririn, and most importantly, Pan, was also leaked.

Pan‘s look, in particular, catches the eye. In the DBS anime, we see that she is still a baby, while here she looks to be somewhere between 3 and 5 years old, an age closer to what we see in the prologue of Dragon Ball Z. We also have the look of two new characters, about whom we have no details yet.

Although the original DBS series ended in 2018, the narrative has continued to be released monthly in manga format. This new film will apparently tackle a different story than that, so after the premiere of DBS: Super Hero! remains a high probability that we will be entitled to a new season.

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