Dragon Ball Super: Toyotaro Compares Goku and Vegeta’s Powers

Dragon Ball Super Toyotaro Compares Goku and Vegeta's Powers

Recently, in Dragon Ball Super, both Goku and Vegeta have received major power upgrades, and Toyotaro has commented a bit on them.

The man currently responsible for the manga, working under the supervision of franchise creator Akira Toriyama, talked about how the two rivals ended up choosing to take completely different paths in their training.

At an online event in Japan, Toyotaro confirmed that Vegeta is taking a different path than Goku, who mastered the Ultra Instinct with the help of Whis and other angels.

There is still much to be revealed about Vegeta‘s new power, and the writer preferred not to comment on which of the Saiyajins is currently stronger, which may indicate a certain balance.

With this significant evolution of the two main characters in the story, it is not absurd to think that the protagonism should be divided.

As Vegeta is putting his new power into practice for the first time, we may see the prince of the Saiyajins achieve glory in the fight against Granola, as Goku has been repeatedly knocked out by the Cerealian.

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