Fortnite Will Have the Bloodsport Skin From Suicide Squad

Fortnite Will Have the Bloodsport Skin From Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad, by James Gunn, is coming with everything, including the universe of Fortnite, with an exclusive skin of the Bloodsport.

The character who will be played by Idris Elba in the film should act as a kind of the team’s tactical leader that will be sent to Corto Maltese, besides also playing the terror in the battle royale very soon.

The new skin reveal was made by James Gunn himself on his Twitter profile, with the posting of a short teaser that shows Bloodsport in action.

Idris Elba introduces Robert DuBois with a few scenes of the villain shooting. Fans are sure to enjoy the news, both those of the DC movies and those of the game, already used to comic book crossovers.

Check it out:

Bloodsport is one of the main characters in the new Suicide Squad. However, his reputation precedes him: DuBois is currently in jail for sending to the ICU none other than Superman.

The villain hit the Man of Steel with a kryptonite bullet, which must have caused quite a bit of damage.

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