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Bill Murray Funko Pop! has just arrived! Funko takes us to Lake Winnipesaukee with the release of his new What about Bob? Funko POP! Movie Collection.

Bill Murray, aka Bob Wiley, receives three new Pop! Vinyl figures dedicated to this funny 1991 dark comedy — including a version Bob with Gil and Bob Wiley Tied to Boat that can be found exclusively at Walmart.

What About Bob? is a comedy film released in 1991. Directed by Frank Oz and starring Bill Murray, the film tells us how, before going on vacation, psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin has the “misfortune” to attend a new patient: Bob Wiley.

Bob is an example of a needy person and a compendium of phobias and follows Marvin to his family’s country house. Dr. Marvin tries to make him leave; the problem is that everyone loves Bob. While his patient makes himself at home, Dr. Marvin loses his professional manners, and before long, he may be the one ready to go to the nuthouse.

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This unexpected and amazing pops will be in stores this summer; meanwhile, you have time to review this classic black comedy with the always remarkable Bill Murray.

On Tuesday we’ll eat Gill, on Wednesday we’ll eat Bob. No … no, that’s going too far. More fish anyone?

Funko Pop! Movies: What About Bob? Bob Wiley Checklist

Bob Wiley “Don’t Hassle Me I’m Local”
Bob Wiley With Gil
Bob Wiley Tied to Boat

Funko Pop! Movies: What About Bob? Bob Wiley Gallery

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