Funko POP! Star Wars The Mandalorian Checklist [List, Gallery, Exclusives & Chase]

As we look forward to “The Mandalorian” second season at Disney+, Funko presents us with The Mandalorian Funko Pop! Figures new series based on its characters. 

From the western-flavored “Space Opera” born in the Star Wars Universe, The Mandalorian TV Series tells us the adventures of the mysterious Mando and his bounty: “The Child,” aka Baby Yoda.

Little is known about “The Child”, except that he belongs to the same species as the Jedi Master, Yoda, and that the Force is in him. “The Child” was born around 41 ABY and was held in a compound run by Nikto mercenaries in Arvala-7 during the New Republic Era. While he was still a “baby” at the age of fifty, he was wanted by an imperial who hired Mando to retrieve him.

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The first pop figure in this Funko POP! Star Wars: Mandalorian Series was launched in the 2019 NYCC, followed by a short series, and later a complete pop figures set dedicated to this Tv Series characters and “The Child,” in particular. Now the “The Mandalorian “Pop! Figure Universe is expanding and adding new characters as well as new versions of existing ones. All of this is now distributed between 17 regular figures,  9 exclusive pops, and 1 “The Child” 10″ Super-Sized POP! Figure.

Greef Karga, the leader of the Guild of Bounty Hunters; a Heavy Infantry Mandalorian; the mercenary Droid Q9-0; an Incinerator Stormtrooper; Offworld Jawa, a Jawa out of his planet; The Armorer, a Mandalorian who serves as an armorer of the creed; Covert Mandalorian, an undercover Mandalorian; The Client, a mysterious member of the empire; Moff Gideon, the antagonist of the first season and who debuts as a Funko figure; and three versions of the protagonist, one posing with his Amban Rifle, another mounted on a Blurrg (it’s a Pop! Deluxe) and another walking next to The Child in his crib (Pop! Television Moment) are some of the latest regular figures.

As for exclusives, they are on sale among several store chains. You can find at a Mando wearing his Beskar armor; Two versions of Mandalorian Death Watch will only be available at GameStop stores; Mando wearing his wrist flame thrower will only be available at Target stores; A Trandoshan Thug will be exclusive to the Walgreens chain; Also, a pack with the regular figures of The Mandalorian and IG-11 will be exclusive to the Barnes and Noble chain.

As for the little one, Funko has prepared several Baby Yoda POP! Figures versions for us. Hard to decide which one is more captivating… I love them all!

From the last unveiled set, and based on pretty iconic adorable moments from the television show, you can find this cute little fellow munching on an alien frog creature, holding a soup bowl or using the Force (Walmart Exclusive).

All of these figures are new variations of the already available, but like most Mandalorian collectibles and Baby Yoda products, they will be hard to find in the wild. You just have to try your luck in the links below.

Funko Pop! Star Wars: The Mandalorian Checklist

The Mandalorian and IG-11 2-Pack  –  Barnes & Noble Exclusive
326 The Mandalorian Pre-Release – 2019 D23 Expo Pre-Release
327 Cara Dune
328 IG-11
329 Kuiil
330 The Mandalorian – 2019 NYCC Exclusive
345 The Mandalorian
345 The Mandalorian (Chrome) – Amazon Exclusive
346 The Client
347 Greef Karga
348 Heavy Infantry Mandalorian
349 Q9-0
350 Incinerator Stormtrooper
351 Offworld Jawa
352 Covert Mandalorian
353 The Armorer
354 Death Watch Mandalorian (Two Stripes) – GameStop Exclusive
355 The Mandalorian Flame Throwing (Metallic) – Target Exclusive
356 Cara Dune – FYE Exclusive
357 Trandoshan Thug – Walgreens Exclusive
358 The Mandalorian on Blurrg Deluxe
361 Death Watch Mandalorian (No Stripes) – GameStop Exclusive
368 The Child (Baby Yoda)
369 The Child – 10″ Super-Sized
378 The Child w/ Cup
379 The Child w/ Frog
380 Moff Gideon With Darksaber
384 The Child Concerned – Target Exclusive
385 The Child Force Wielding – Walmart Exclusive
390 Mandalorian With Child (Television Moments)

Funko Pop! Star Wars: The Mandalorian Gallery

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