Funko POP! Wonder Woman 1984 Checklist

Despite its delay, Funko dedicated to the Wonder Woman 1984 movie, an all brand new range of Funko Pop! figures.

As with all great premieres, Funko puts all his machinery to work and has prepared a large number of figures distributed among several of its lines. Although they were already unveiled during the last Toy Fair in New York, Funko reserved us the Cheetah’s vinyl version for later to avoid spoilers.

This sequel to the 2017 film is once again directed by Patty Jenkins and stars Gal Gadot in her dazzling Golden Eagle armor. This time the story takes place during the ’80s, in the middle of the Cold War. Diana Prince is a secret agent on the hunt for a dangerous Russian spy. On her way, she will cross paths with British archaeologist Barbara Minerva, the villain Cheetah’s alter ego, and with the returning Steve Trevor.

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The Wonder Woman 1984 regular line of Funko Pop! figures feature several stunning variations of Wonder Woman, including one holding the Golden Lasso and others in the Golden Eagle armor. All of Diana’s figures, apart from the one in the gala outfit, have some metallic finished pieces.

As you can see, Diana Prince’s Golden Eagle Armor is honored with an indecent number of variations (with/without wings, with/without a helmet). As a result, the classic armor is somewhat neglected, waiting for the inevitable and expected second wave.

There will also be a new look for the returning Steve Trevor, a Barbara Minerva pop, and the very mysterious Cheetah.

As far as the exclusives are concerned, they will be all about Wonder Woman.

Walmart stores will receive a metal version with a helmet and wings deployed. Hot Topic will distribute a winged wrapped around pop. Box Lunch stores will get a helmetless version, and will get one without a helmet and wings. Finally, Target will be selling a  completely covered in chrome gold version.

There are five exclusives in total, and, like the regular Golden Eagle armor versions, they all have a metallic finish.

The Funko pops for Wonder Woman 1984 are now available for sale, coinciding with the original movie premiere. You can find all the important links below. Prepare yourself for the premiere and star living a WW superhero adventure!

The Wonder Woman 1984 Funko Pop! Checklist

321 – Wonder Woman (Metallic)
322 – Wonder Woman Flying (Metallic)
323 – Wonder Woman Golden Armor (Gold Chrome) – Target Exclusive
323 – Wonder Woman Golden Armor (Metallic)
324 – Wonder Woman Golden Armor Flying (Metallic)
325 – Diana Prince Gala
326 – Steve Trevor
327 – Barbara Minerva
328 – The Cheetah
329 – Wonder Woman Golden Armor Shield (Metallic) – Hot Topic Exclusive
330 – Wonder Woman Golden Armor (Metallic) – Walmart Exclusive
331 – Wonder Woman Golden Armor (Metallic) – BoxLunch Exclusive
332 – Wonder Woman Golden Armor (Metallic) – Amazon Exclusive

The Wonder Woman 1984 Funko Pop! Gallery

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