How WHAT IF…? Proves Kang Was Wrong All This Time

How WHAT IF... Prove Kang Was Wrong All This Time

What If…?, Marvel’s new series coming, began explaining a little more than we knew about the timeline. The notion of a sacred timeline was introduced in Loki, which brought us to the TVA – Temporal Variance Authority and led to the creation of the Multiverse in its last episode.

The result came already with the animated series, which brings us different versions of characters in other realities, acting as if that was the new normal.

The brief explanation of what happened to the timeline in What If…? served not only to show us that we no longer have a single universe but also brought us the notion that Kang/The One Who Remains was not as knowledgeable as he claimed to be.

Kang is mighty, as he always was in the comics, but even Jonathan Majors looks to have a lot to learn at this point.

Through Loki, we learn concepts like variants, sacred timeline, nexus events, and their consequences. He Who Remains claimed that his job was to prevent chaos in the universe and a consequent second multiverse war, which would have happened before if not for his duties as a guardian.

What If…? is a Marvel anthology series that explores what would have happened if the significant events of the MCU were in a different form or order. For example, in the first episode, we saw that Peggy Carter became Captain Britannia in a particular timeline instead of Steve Rogers’ Captain America.

Also, in the first episode, we meet the Watcher, a kind of omnipresent all-seeing being. He gives the audience a different explanation than Kang, revealing that the timeline is not linear but rather a prism. This can provide the opening for the Multiverse of Madness and not just what was told by Kang in Loki.

The prism that represents the timeline can be broken into countless pieces, each containing a different reality. Thus, a Multiverse war may indeed be on its way. Not because of the existence of branches, but because of a confrontation between these pieces.

Nexus Events occur when these prisms are broken into multiple parts, making the potential Events almost endless. This is where some of the absurd things that happen in the animation come from, but perfectly plausible in this scenario.

Does He Who Remains, the variant of Kang the Conqueror, not understand the concept, or did he just prefer not to reveal it to Loki and Sylvie, simplifying it?

But I guess we will still have to wait for Marvel’s upcoming episodes to understand this better.

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