Hugh Jackman Reacts For Deadpool’s ‘Debut’ In The MCU

Hugh Jackman Reacts For Deadpool's 'Debut' In The MCU

Deadpool debuted in the MCU, in a way, promoting Ryan Reynolds‘ new movie, and who liked it a lot was Hugh Jackman, the eternal Wolverine.

The actor known for his “rivalry” and friendship with Reynolds did not miss the opportunity to make fun of his colleague, who always quotes him everywhere, usually asking for his return as Wolverine.

Jackman commented on the video posted on Reynolds‘ Instagram and congratulated his friend. Except that the reason for the congratulations wasn’t exactly the movie Free Guy or his alleged “arrival” in the MCU alongside Korg, played by Taika Waititi.

Wow! 4:12 and no mention of me. DP your therapy is working!!!” commented the actor on this truly remarkable achievement.



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Uma publicação partilhada por Ryan Reynolds (@vancityreynolds)

Like many fans, Ryan Reynolds‘ dream is for Hugh Jackman to return to live Wolverine in the Marvel movies, so the characters of both can return to co-starring.

Recently, the Logan star caused a stir on the internet when he posted an illustration of Wolverine and a photo of himself alongside Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige on his Instagram stories.

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