Invincible 2: New Episodes Adds New Stories and Comics Plots

Invincible 2: New Episodes Joins New Stories and Comic Plots

With two more seasons confirmed by Amazon, Invincible was obviously one of the main subjects discussed by Robert Kirkman at San Diego Comic-Con 2021.

Answering questions from fans, the comic book writer said that the next years of the animation should follow the same model as the debut season, changing and updating some points of the comic and creating some novel plots.

There are a lot of things along the way that I really want to improve and change,” said Kirkman, who used two of the main battles from the first year as examples.

Even the things that we directly adapt will be adjusted and hopefully improved in some interesting way.  I’m involved in the show, and I like new ideas, and so I’m hoping that we’ll have some new storylines here and there that we’re able to weave in that are completely original to the show.

The main example of these changes from comic book to animation came when the comic book writer was asked about the role of Amber, the title hero’s love interest, in the coming years.

Agreeing that the screen version is better than the one on the pages, Kirkman stated that Amber “will continue to have a big role in the future. Does that mean the story of the comic will be changing? In some ways absolutely!  We’ll just see what that means when seasons two and three come out.

Tearing up compliments for the TV counterpart of the character, he also praised the work of Zazie Beetz (Atlanta), who voices Amber in the original dub.

Invincible follows Mark Grayson, a teenager who discovers he has superpowers equal to his father’s, the greatest superhero on the planet. As a result, he must deal with the responsibility of inheriting his father’s role and thus protecting the entire world. Written by Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead, the comic lasted 144 issues and stood out among hero publications in the 2000s.

Invincible is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, with the series already green-lighted for two more seasons. The Walking Dead premieres on August 22 on AMC.

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