Is What If…? Canon? The Series Creator Answers That Question

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Is What If... Canon The Series Creator Answers That Question

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After Loki, Marvel Studios’ new series will be What If…? This animated anthology series will tell us in numerous episodes what would have happened in the MCU if some key events had not happened as they did.

However, one of the big question marks for Marvel fans is whether this series will be canon. What If…? is canon, and these are the reasons why.

What If…? creator reveals why the series is canon

In What If…?, under the watchful eye of the Watcher Uatu, the stories seen in the movies take on a totally different vision and storylines, such as Peggy Carter receiving the super-soldier serum or T’Challa being abducted by Yondu instead of Quill.

The series itself promises to be quite a different journey from anything seen in the MCU. However, due to the nature of the series, with what-ifs alternate histories, you may have wondered if the series is canon.

So, in a recent interview, the series creator herself, AC Bradley, took it upon herself to answer the question:

The events of What If…? are canon. It’s part of the MCU multiverse. The multiverse is here. It is real, and it is absolutely fantastic, people.

In doing so, Bradley thus reveals to us that everything we will see in the series will be part of other universes parallel to what we see in the MCU.

Maybe Loki and Sylvie have something to do with the emergence of all these alternative lines. However, what we can be sure of is that What If…? is canon and will not be an irrelevant series for the future of Marvel.

Tom Hiddleston himself has spoken about its importance to the MCU. According to various rumors, several characters seen in the series could appear in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness., such as Captain Carter.

What If…? will premiere the first of its nine episodes on Disney+ on August 11.

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