10 of Itachi Uchiha’s Best Moments in Naruto

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Itachi Uchiha proved to be one of the most powerful shinobi in Naruto. Relive some of Itachi Uchiha's most epic moments in Naruto!
10 of Itachi Uchiha's Best Moments in Naruto

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Even before the great revelation about his motives, Itachi Uchiha has gained a legion of fans and can be considered one of the most beloved characters in Naruto. One of the most influential Uchiha clan members, something considerable in a family with so many extraordinary characters, Itachi grew up as a prodigy and is considered one of the greatest ninjas of all time.

Marked by his clan’s tragic path and the weight of his own actions in the Uchiha’s destruction, Itachi did not have an easy life. Still, he faced the challenges he encountered with intelligence and determination, doing everything so that others would not have to go through what he went through.

With such a complex history, there is no shortage of memorable moments for the character – and in this list, you can look back on 10 of Itachi Uchiha’s best moments!

Uchiha Clan Massacre

10 of Itachi Uchiha's Best Moments in Naruto: Uchiha Clan Massacre

One of the events that mark Itachi throughout the series is the massacre of the Uchiha clan. At this moment, we first meet the character, being led to believe that he was just a villain and cruel enough not to hesitate to traumatize his brother, just a child, right after killing his entire family.

Later, it becomes clear that as bad as Itachi’s actions were, and as many mistakes as the character made, the Uchiha clan’s end was not the result of an act of pure evil or someone seeking power.

In the end, the initial grim introduction that Itachi has is of great importance to the twist that comes later. The massacre is undoubtedly a remarkable scene when seen in Sasuke‘s flashbacks. It becomes an even better Itachi moment when we discover that he acted to protect the Village and sacrificed himself so that his brother would not have to suffer as well.

Itachi and Shisui

10 of Itachi Uchiha's Best Moments in Naruto: Itachi and Shisui

Itachi and Shisui‘s relationship certainly stands out throughout the series, although we see the two together only briefly and in glimpses of the past. The moment that draws the most attention, however, is undoubtedly Shisui’s death.

Initially, we see only part of the story, as we learn of what happened through Sasuke and the other Uchiha’s questioning of Itachi, which suggests that the latter would have killed his best friend. Itachi’s reaction is immediate and aggressive, in one of the few moments where we see Itachi lose his temper. Still, the scene does not clarify whether this is due to the accusations’ accuracy or the falsehood and absurdity they suggest.

Later, in Itachi‘s own memories, we see a dialogue with Shisui, which illustrates that the latter also tried everything to stop the Uchiha from carrying out the coup idea that ultimately destroyed the clan. Shisui asks Itachi to protect the Village and the name of the Uchiha before taking his own life. It becomes clear how much this affects Itachi, both personally and concerning his choices, defining the rest of his life.

Itachi vs. Kakashi

10 of Itachi Uchiha's Best Moments in Naruto: Itachi vs Kakashi

The first notable battle that we see Itachi involved in takes place still in the first part of Naruto, when the Uchiha returns to the Leaf Village as a member of the Akatsuki, attempting to capture the Nine-Tails.

The Leaf ninjas do not allow this to happen, and Itachi faces Kakashi in an incredible battle, not because he uses flashy and destructive powers, but because of the tension and atmosphere, as well as for the strategy required to face an enemy so skilled with genjutsu.

This is also the battle where we see Tsukuyomi being used for the first time, something that, at the time, served to make Itachi even more threatening since even Kakashi‘s Sharingan was not enough to face him.

You are Weak

10 of Itachi Uchiha's Best Moments in Naruto: You are weak

Seeing Sasuke and Itachi meet after so long, having followed Sasuke‘s growth as a ninja alongside Team 7, and knowing (or believing to know) everything Itachi has done, has undoubtedly resulted in one of the most anticipated and most defining moments in both of their stories.

Things don’t go as well as Sasuke hopes, and indeed, the meeting serves as the kickoff to the dark path the boy chooses to follow. Still, seeing the Uchiha brothers on the scene is memorable, and the carefree manner in which Itachi acts makes it all even tenser.

We couldn’t leave out the famous scene where Itachi says Sasuke is weak because he lacks hatred, could we?

Genjutsu with Only One Finger

10 of Itachi Uchiha's Best Moments in Naruto: Genjutsu with Only One Finger

The next moment we see Itachi, the one who confronts him, is not Sasuke but Team 7 instead (alongside Lady Chiyo). The battle alone may not be Naruto’s most memorable, especially considering that, in reality, the one facing the group isn’t even the real Itachi. Still, it reinforces just how powerful the character is — and establishes that to defeat him, it takes a lot more than not looking him in the eye.

Once the group confronts Itachi, their primary concern is to find a way to face him without being caught by his genjutsu. Therefore, they worry about not looking him in the eye since the Sharingan would not affect them in this way.

Itachi, however, does not need his Sharingan to be a master of genjutsu. All it takes is a flick of his finger, and he can trap Naruto in an illusion, and it takes the boy some time to understand what has happened.

It may not be a battle of Susanoos, but it’s a defining moment that shows how unique the character is, even without special powers.

Fated Battle Between Brothers

10 of Itachi Uchiha's Best Moments in Naruto: Fated Battle Between Brothers

An Itachi moment that is perhaps second behind the Fourth War’s events is the inevitable and much-anticipated battle between Sasuke and his older brother, one of the best moments of the entire series.

The fight between the two is fantastic, and watching them use absurd powers is certainly very interesting. Itachi even introduces the audience to another Uchiha technique that we would later see several other times: the Susanoo, which protects him from Sasuke‘s Kirin.

The emotional content of the encounter also has great weight in how striking the scene is. This is the moment of revenge that Sasuke has dedicated himself to since losing his family, while for Itachi, it is the end of his life and the conflict with the brother he loved.

The Sword of Totsuka vs. Orochimaru

10 of Itachi Uchiha's Best Moments in Naruto: The Sword of Totsuka vs Orochimaru

During the two Uchiha’s dramatic conflict, Itachi still finds the time and strength to rid Sasuke of Orochimaru‘s influence on a more permanent basis, which leads to another notable moment.

Having waited until Sasuke was exhausted and could no longer suppress the power of the Snake Sannin, Itachi defeats all the snakes, ending with Orochimaru himself, which he seals using the power of the Sword of Totsuka.

Orochimaru has always been a pretty menacing character. It’s great to see Itachi end his attempt to return to life, even after fighting Sasuke for some time and not being in perfect conditions.

It’s also striking that he thought to rid Sasuke of something he possibly wouldn’t have the strength to overcome on his own.

Breaking Edo Tensei

10 of Itachi Uchiha's Best Moments in Naruto: Breaking Edo Tensei

Itachi stays dead for some time after his fight with Sasuke, but he does not stay that way permanently. When the Fourth Ninja War begins, and Kabuto uses Edo Tensei to bring back several notable ninjas, Itachi is not left out and is one of those who come under the control of the Jutsu.

But that doesn’t last long. Being one of the most intelligent characters in the series, Itachi soon finds a way to break free, adapting elements of a plan he had made before to ensure that Sasuke would return to protect the Leaf Village.

Before facing his brother, Itachi already knew he would meet his death. So, he left a raven with Shisui‘s eye inside Naruto, preparing the latter to face Sasuke and to make him turn back to protecting the Leaf Village. Shisui‘s Sharingan possessed the power of Kotoamatsukami, an ability that allowed him to manipulate the target’s mind in a subtle way.

Instead of following his original plan, Itachi uses the power contained in the raven within Naruto, breaking Kabuto‘s control and leaving Itachi free.

Itachi and Sasuke vs. Kabuto

10 of Itachi Uchiha's Best Moments in Naruto: Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto

Not satisfied with breaking free, Itachi set out to end Kabuto‘s advantage in the war. To do this, the Uchiha decided the way would be to undo Edo Tensei. He went off in the villain’s direction, meeting Sasuke on the way by pure chance.

This reunion is just as striking as the first time we see the two together after the Uchiha massacre, albeit for entirely different reasons. Also, it is incredible to see the brothers fight side by side at least once, using their fighting skills together instead of against each other.

Itachi‘s influence over Sasuke throughout the fight also draws attention, as the elder prevents his brother from giving in to impulses and just killing Kabuto.

Still, Itachi steals the scene with another brilliant strategy and another fantastic technique, using the conflict to set up Izanami and trap Kabuto in the Uchiha clan’s most powerful genjutsu.

The End

10 of Itachi Uchiha's Best Moments in Naruto: The End

After following the character’s whole trajectory, discovering his real intentions, and all the reasons that led him to the path he took, it’s hard not to get attached to Itachi. This becomes even more true when we meet him again, brought back by Edo Tensei, which only increases the pain of his loss when he meets his end.

The character’s farewell is quite emotional. Right after defeating Kabuto and undoing Edo Tensei, in a crucial action to prevent the villain from destroying the ninja world, Itachi finally talks to his brother, revealing his side of the story.

Seeing the end of Shisui and Itachi‘s suffering in killing his own family to protect the Leaf Village is exciting enough on its own. Still, it is his farewell to Sasuke that is genuinely remarkable.

Itachi acknowledges his brother as an equal as he places their foreheads together and makes a statement that is sure to cause some tears, saying: You don’t ever have to forgive me and whatever you do from here on out, know this, no matter what, I will love you always.

With a remarkable life, it is not surprising that when it comes to last words, Itachi’s were to generate one of the most emotional moments in the series.

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