Jungle Cruise 2: A Sequel is Already Being Considered by Disney

Jungle Cruise 2: A Sequel is Already Being Considered by Disney
Jungle Cruise 2 A Sequel is Already Being Considered by Disney

With just over a week to go before the release of Jungle Cruise, speculation about a possible sequel to the film has begun to circulate online. The production, which stars Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson as the main characters, will be released on July 30 in theaters and Disney+ with Premier Access.

The film is a significant investment for Disney this year. After several postponements of the premiere date due to the pandemic, Jungle Cruise is finally getting its release. Promotions for the film are ongoing and include many interviews with the actors and behind-the-scenes videos.

The movie, which is based on an attraction from the parks, may receive a sequel. In an interview with THR, Johnson stated that he has so much confidence in the film that he is willing to come back for a sequel and try to bring Blunt with him.

Jungle Cruise has already had a great reception with audiences during testing. However, for Disney to give the green light to a sequel, it depends on its results after the premiere. After Black Widow failed to get a box office hit, the studio hopes to prevent the same from happening to accomplish future plans.

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