Loki: Director Comments on Captain America’s Possible Nexus Event

Loki Director Comments on Captain America's Possible Nexus Event

In Loki, we learn that so-called Nexus events are significant changes in the “sacred” timeline that end up creating other realities.

Loki’s escape with the Tesseract at the Battle of New York is an excellent example. But doesn’t the fact that Captain America went back in time to be with his beloved, Peggy Carter, set up the same kind of crime?

For Kate Herron, Loki‘s director, it depends on the point of view. She talked about it in an interview with The Direct and made a point of saying that her opinion on this is that of a fan, not someone who sets the rules.

“People are going to be annoyed because it’s not a definitive answer, but also I can only really answer as a fan, right? My theory is this: It comes down to if you’re an optimist or a pessimist.

If you’re an optimist, maybe it was okay [for] them living that way, and the branch wasn’t so severe that it didn’t need to be pruned, and that meant that they could stay together.”

Herron then continued her theory, talking about the “pessimists,” a group she says she fits into. And she concluded:

And then the pessimists [think], ‘They probably got pruned (laughs).”

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