Loki Hides Easter Egg That No One Has Found Yet, Creator Assures

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PopCorn Princess
Loki Hides An Easter Egg That No One Has Found Yet, Creator Assures

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Loki creator Michael Waldron assures that fans have yet to find an important easter egg within the Disney+ series.

It’s been almost a month since the last episode premiered, but Loki continues to produce a lot of excitement. So much so that Waldron was invited by CBR to discuss the first season.

Although the creator cites Throg, the Thor frog, as his favorite easter egg, he reveals no clue as to what that reference might be that no one has fished out yet.

Maybe there’s one. I think there’s one that’s still out there that nobody’s found yet. I just want people to look. I just want to boost the numbers!  I want people watching!

Jokes Waldron regarding Loki’s audience. Nothing silly, right?

With any luck, it may be that Marvel fans can go back and re-watch the first season of the UCM series to try to figure out what that hidden easter egg Waldron is referring to. Are you one of them?

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