Loki: Kate Herron Explains Sylvie’s Nexus Event

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Loki Kate Herron Explains Sylvie's Nexus Event

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In an exclusive interview, Kate Herron gave more details about Sylvie’s mysterious nexus event in Loki!

Loki came to an end over a week ago, but fans are still debating about the story and some questions left behind by the series. But, of course, everyone’s focus is now on Kang and the Multiverse’s future.

But one doubt that has remained in the minds of many, even ours, is about Sylvie’s mysterious Nexus Event. After all, one of  Loki’s most powerful variants was captured by the TVA as a child, without receiving any explanation of her supposed ‘crime.’

The motives are implied when we watch the entire series, but Legado Marvel had the opportunity to clear up that doubt with none other than director Kate Herron!

I would say that Sylvie’s Nexus event is something that you can’t exactly pinpoint what it is. But something that I think is very clear to anyone who watches the series is that it would have to be something very small. And I think that was very important for TVA in episode 4.

In episode 1, Loki steals the Tesseract. We knew he wasn’t supposed to do that. And it’s a step too far off the path that he should take. Whereas Sylvie, she’s just a kid playing with her toys. And it could be something as simple as picking up the wrong toy.

It could be multiple things. I saw something quite nice online, saying that it could be because she was happy, which is a pretty sad story. But, to me, the most important thing was that whatever it was, it was something entirely out of her control. And that’s why it’s pretty sad to me. She goes through the journey, and she’s like, ‘What was my Nexus Event?’

Because she would be wondering ‘what the hell did I do?’ and imagining that moment as a child, thinking about it over and over again. And it was essential to show that because not everybody who has a Nexus Event is arrested by TVA.

It’s not a dramatic thing, and that fits into the larger question of good and evil. Is the TVA good, or is it bad? And what The One Who Remains was doing, was it really for the greater good? You know, things like that. So that would be my answer for your Nexus Event and also for the other aspects in the series.

So this critical moment in Sylvie’s life was really meant to make her journey even more tragic and the TVA even more inhuman and vague while condemning her as a ‘great threat.’

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