Loki Last Episode Secret Detail

Loki Director Teases About Secret Detail No One Has Figured Out Yet

The first season of Loki still has details that fans have yet to discover – at least that’s what director Kate Herron claims.

Beyond the story of the God of Mischief, the show is shaping a version of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (UCM) moving forward into the multiverse.

In a new interview with Buzzfeed, Herron made a revelation about just before the ending of Loki. “The one I would say is — it’s less Easter egg and more cool story-wise,” she says.

“So, at the very end of the finale, when Loki is in this alternate TVA, there’s a character that runs behind him and is going to the armory, and people should listen to the voice. It’s very quick, but it’s someone familiar.”

Although the director did not reveal further information, there are already theories that she may be referring to Casey becoming a Hunter rather than a simple office officer – Eugene Cordero is even listed as the Hunter in the episode credits.

Still, it has yet to be confirmed if this is what Herron was referring to.

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