Loki’s Last Episode Had Fantastic Four Easter Egg? Find Out More

Loki: The Last Episode Had Fantastic Four Easter Egg? Find More
Loki The Last Episode Had Fantastic Four Easter Egg Find More

The last episode of Loki brought moments of extreme importance for the future of the MCU. And it may have brought a reference to the Fantastic Four, according to some more diligent fans.

While nothing has been confirmed, the moment, which takes place early on, seems to indicate that the upcoming arrival of the superhero family is closer than ever at Marvel.

Right after the opening, with the various voices from the MCU and the story, one last sentence can be heard. The first man to set foot on the moon is astronaut Neil Armstrong, saying his famous line, “one small step for man, one big leap for mankind.”

And the image shows a gold-colored spacecraft crossing space, something fans believe is the “debut” of the Fantastic Four.


This is not the first possible reference to the core family in a Marvel series. For example, in WandaVision, there was dialogue quoting astronauts working for S.W.O.R.D., who some fans believe to be Reed Richards, Ben Grimm and Johnny, and Sue Storm.

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