Loki: The Reason Why Mobius’ Past Was Not Revealed

Loki: The Reason Why Mobius' Past Was Not Revealed
Loki: The Reason Why Mobius' Past Was Not Revealed

It is no mystery to Loki fans how Mobius (Owen Wilson) is interested in jet skis and soft drinks. However, the series never showed more of the TVA agent’s past, even after revealing that he, like the others, was a variant with a life on Earth.

In an interview with the Phase Zero podcast (via /Film), director Kate Herron explained why.

There were a few drafts of the script where you did see like a family or you did see a life, but I think we all kind of decided we don’t know what it is yet. And I think that’s exciting, right? Because it gives more road to travel with him.”

Herron also believes that this decision enhanced the moment when Mobius was pruned. “It’s more painful when he is going to be deleted, him saying, ‘What if I had a family.’

Loki confirmed his renewal for a second season in the post-credits scene of the last episode. The full season is available on Disney+.

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