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Whether you are a fashionista, a pop-culture guru, or simply a huge fan of the Disney, Marvel, Star Wars,  or Hello Kitty franchise, you have probably seen, admired, or even purchased products manufactured by Loungefly. Established in 1998, Loungefly is a manufacturer of handbags, backpacks, and other accessories; and is known for its creative and artistic interpretation of pop-culture icons.

With over 40 years of combined experience as one of the world’s most popular pop-culture manufacturers, we decided to take a deep dive into the organization and find out all there is to know about the company and its amazing selection of popular bags and mini backpacks.

So if you enjoy sporting the latest and greatest in pop-culture-inspired backpacks or bags, read on to learn more about industry powerhouse, Loungefly! Don’t forget to browse into the latest Loungefly releases right above!

What Styles of Bags/Accessories are Available by Loungefly?

Loungefly has an impressive selection of styles of bags and other accessories. Popular styles include:

  • Backpacks – including both full-sized backpacks (approx 17″ x12″ x4″) and mini-backpacks (approx 9″ x10″ x5″).
  • Crossbody Bags – Long, single-strapped bag worn from one shoulder across the body, with the bag resting upon the hip/waist area. They range in size from small (approx 9″ x6″ x3″) evening bag size to larger, messenger bag size (approx 12″ x 10″ x5″);
  • Convertible Crossbody Bags Many of the larger sized crossbody bags are convertible. They include smaller purse straps on the top of the bag and a removable cross-strap so that the purse can be carried bowling bag or satchel style.
  • Tote Bags – Large (approx 15″ x12″ x6) tote style bag with magnetic snap closure at the top.
  • Sling BagsSimilar to standard backpacks, but the straps can link together to create a single-strap style bag worn over one shoulder. (approx 9″x13″x4″)
  • Bucket-style Bags – Flat bottomed, slightly rounded bag with a cinch top closure, removable shoulder strap, and/or handles. Larger style bag (approx 12″x11″x5″)
  • Messenger-style Crossbody Bag – Squared off, rectangular bag with a single strap worn across the body, with the bag resting between waist and hip (approx 10″x9″x3″). Some have accordion-style dividers inside for organizing.
  • Nylon Passport Bags – Small, flat, casual bag with adjustable shoulder strap (approx 8″ x9″ x1″) and several zippered pockets
  • Fan-style Handbag – Shaped like a fan, with a rigid handle, the fan bag is a unique shape, elegantly styled bag (approx 12″x9″x3″)
  • Fanny Packs – Both traditional style fanny packs as well as the waist bags (approx 11″ x6″ x2″)
  • Wallets Several sizes and popular wallet styles, from zip-around, flap wallets, and bi-folds
  • Miscellaneous Accessories – From keychains to lanyards and enamel pins, Loungefly offers a small selection of simple accessories
  • Clothing – While their selection of clothing is limited, in the spirit of cosplay, Loungefly has branched out to provide some simple T-shirts, skirts, and dresses for a few popular brands.

What Are the Popular Loungefly Brands Available?

Loungefly’s original focus was mainly on the Disney brand products. However, over time, the company has contracted with several organizations to provide mini backpacks, bags, wallets, and other products. Loungefly continues to focus on the TV, Movie, and Cartoon genres but has also begun to branch out into other areas, such as sports, which may come as a surprise to some Loungefly fans.

Loungefly’s overall popularity and their creative depiction of pop-culture icons have allowed them to smoothly and successfully expand into new arenas while maintaining their familiar and fun aesthetic. Here is a list of the brands with which Loungefly is currently partnered:

  • Disney – From the traditional classic characters of Mickey and Minnie Mouse to Winnie the Pooh, the popular Disney princesses, and villains, and every character in between, Loungefly has worked with Disney since their 1998 inception.
  • Pixar – A natural extension to their Disney expertise, Loungefly also creates products straight from popular Pixar films, such as UP, the Toy Story franchise, Inside Out, and many more.
  • Star Wars – A huge franchise that has only grown in popularity since the original movie was released in 1977, Loungefly has a variety of movie character mini backpacks and accessories.
  • Marvel – The Marvel franchise has continued to produce hit movies, comics, books, and TV Shows. From Spiderman, Iron Man, and many others, Loungefly has created products for nearly every Marvel character
  • DC Comics – Most comic fans are either Marvel fans or DC Comic fans. Since Loungefly partners successfully with Marvel, it only makes sense to partner with DC Comics as well, especially with the popularity of several franchises in the DC Universe, like the wildly popular Wonder Woman, Batman, and of course, Superman!
  • Harry Potter – It’s been 23 years since the first Harry Potter book was released, and in November 2021, it will already have been 20 years since the first movie captured the imagination of children and adults around the world. Loungefly continues to capitalize on the ongoing popularity of the series.
  • Pokemon – What started as a simple Nintendo video game exploded into its own beloved franchise. With trading cards, movies, board games, cartoons, and a ton of other products, Loungefly has jumped onto the bandwagon with their character products.
  • Hello Kitty – Hello Kitty has been around since 1974 and continues to be popular today, as younger generations are captivated by the simplicity of the drawings, the bright colors, and the brand’s unique aesthetic. Loungefly has cosplay worthy products for die-hard Hello Kitty fans
  • Peanuts – It’s been several generations since the original Peanuts gang, including Snoopy and the never-do-well Charlie Brown made their way into the homes and hearts of people everywhere. While not as popular as in its heyday, Loungefly has a beautiful variety of products for any die-hard Peanuts fan.
  • Barbie – Nearly a rite of passage for little girls everywhere, Barbie is probably the most recognizable doll franchise around the world. Popular for many years, there has even been a color, called Barbie Pink, created in celebration of this well-known franchise. Loungefly has beautiful Barbie products that girls, young and old, will fall in love with and just have to have.
  • Dragon Ball Z – Manga fans from the US to Japan, and everywhere in between made Dragon Ball Z and it’s quirky characters a fast favorite ever since its inception in 1989. As Japanese culture, cartoons, and shows continue to grow in popularity around the world, Loungefly has strategically partnered with several Japanese franchises, including Dragon Z, to provide enamel pins to die-hard fans around the globe.
  • Nickelodeon -The cable station devoted to kids programming has been popular for over 40 years. Loungefly has several bags and products dedicated to some of the most popular shows and characters.
  • Coca-Cola – The iconic beverage company has some of the most recognizable products and logos in the world. Loungefly has partnered with the company and created products using their own unique flair on the recognizable brand.
  • MTVThe cable station that single-handedly changed the way generations of people connected to their favorite music has one of the most recognizable logos on television. Loungefly has created several products using the famous logo, along with their own exclusive feel.
  • Funko Pop! – Funko Pop is a unique take on the Japanese inspired characters that became increasingly popular through anime and other stylized cartoons. Loungefly has created a line of products dedicated to the unique style.

Loungefly Materials

Loungefly is best known for mini backpacks and bags, which are made using quality materials, such as high-quality nylon or, more often, vegan leather, which has become increasingly popular due to the interest around the world in ethical manufacturing and buying. Loungefly is committed to making quality products that are also cruelty-free, which is important to many Loungefly customers.

Vegan leather is a product that is typically polymer-based but can be made by a variety of materials, including cork, fruit, and vegetable waste products, such as skin and seed, or recycled plastic materials. Vegan or faux leather is used by several high-end designers and can be virtually indistinguishable from traditional leather.

Customer Reviews on Loungefly Build Quality

Loungefly bags can be purchased through their website, small retailers, and even directly in Disney Parks and stores. As such, there are many customer reviews available that speak to the overall build quality and durability of Loungefly’s products. Overwhelmingly, Loungefly clients speak positively regarding the materials and overall sustainability of the products.

Based on reviews from a variety of sources, Loungefly products are built resilient and resistant to everyday strain. With quality materials and careful manufacturing, Loungefly products can handle the strain of daily use. They are built to maximize space, with zippered pockets to store important items and a large enough main compartment to carry a variety of items, including water bottles, wallets, and cell phones.

How to Care for a Loungefly Vegan Leather Bag

A Loungefly vegan leather bag can last for years or even decades if carefully cleaned and stored with proper care. Vegan leather is built to withstand daily stress and strain, and will last as long as genuine leather products.

Taking care of vegan leather is easier than traditional leather. Vegan leather bags should be cleaned regularly. Simply mix a mild soap with warm water, and using a clean, white cloth dipped in the soapy water, carefully wipe down the entire bag, including the handles and fixtures. Follow up with a damp white cloth to remove any residual soap, and finally dry the bag with a clean, dry, white cloth. Always use white, so there is no accidental transfer of fabric dye from the rags to the bag.

Once cleaned and wiped down, vegan leather can be stored by carefully hanging it by the straps in a closet or other clean, dry space.

Are Loungefly Bags Waterproof?

While Vegan leather is water-resistant, it is not completely waterproof. Loungefly bags are specially treated to shed water and avoid penetration through the material to some degree. Prolonged or long-term exposure to water can ultimately damage a water-resistant Loungefly bag, so it shouldn’t be placed in water or used during water-based activities, such as swimming, boating, or other water-sport or activity.

To further provide protection for a Loungefly bag, special waterproof sprays can be used to provide extra resilience from water, dust, and dirt. Even with waterproof spray, owners should take care not to submerge their bag or wallet completely in water, yet a high-quality waterproof spray can make overall maintenance easier. Always test waterproofing sprays on a hidden or small area of the bag before treating the entire bag to ensure there are no changes in color or texture.

Who are Loungefly Customers?

With a huge emphasis on Disney, cartoons, and superhero characters, many individuals may assume Loungefly is marketed specifically toward kids and teens.

While kids and teenagers are certainly part of the Loungefly customer base, surprisingly, due to their clever depiction of characters, logos, and other patterns, many of the Loungefly bags and wallets have an elegant presentation, and as such, are appropriate for women and men of all ages.

Loungefly also sells a variety of cosplay dresses, T-shirts, and other items, designed for a variety of customers. Along with their large variety of items, Loungefly truly hits many demographic groups, depending on the product type.

There are definitely items in the Loungefly collection for everyone, regardless of age and personal style.

Additionally, many buyers simply enjoy acquiring the products to complete a collection or brand due to the products’ longevity and unique styles.

How to Determine if a Loungefly Bag is Authentic?

Loungefly uses quality materials and carefully manufactures each bag. Due to the special care that Loungefly takes in creating their bags, there are a few things that customers can do or look for to ensure they are getting a high-quality Loungefly bag.

  • Always purchase directly from an authorized Loungefly retailer.
  • Check the logo. Since Funko purchased Loungefly, they have added a small crown on the “y” in Loungefly. Typically, counterfeit bags do not have the crown over the letter “y.”
  • To discourage counterfeit merchandise, Loungefly has added crowns on the rivets for every backpack and bag produced. Always check the rivets on the backpack and straps and look for crowns, which are the Funko symbol.
  • Loungefly stitching is particularly high quality. An authentic Loungefly bag will have quality, even stitching, without excess or uneven threads.
  • Always take a close look at the inner lining of the bag. Loungefly uses brand names, such as “DC Comics,” “Marvel,” “Disney” on their inner linings. Each separate enclosure is lined using high-quality materials that include the brand name for the character depicted on the bag or wallet.

What Loungefly Bags are Most Popular?

Loungefly is continually adding new bags to their collections, and each season, the latest releases are typically the best sellers. The popularity of some collections may also ebb and flow based on movie release dates and what is currently popular in pop-culture. However, there are definitely some Loungefly collections that are clear favorites!

Disney is an obvious choice and a Loungefly staple. The Disney collections are beloved by Disney fans and Loungefly fans alike. The Disney bags are available online and even in stores across the country. Hot Disney mini backpacks currently include Disney princesses (Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida, and Moana), Disney villains, and of course Mickey and Minnie!

How Customers Make Use of Their Loungefly Bags

Loungefly, thanks to the quality and uniqueness of its products, has a huge following, with many loyal customers, cosplayers, and collectors. As such, while many people buy a Loungefly bag to use for day trips, visits to Disney Parks, or as a makeshift purse or school bag, there is truly a much wider Loungefly following.

  • Cosplay – With conventions around the country, cosplay continues to grow in popularity. Loungefly, in addition to their unique and intricate designs, patterns, and newest release versions of favorite characters, also creates simplistic designs geared toward cosplay, including within their superhero collections and Disney. The cosplay bags are designed to accentuate costumes and are specific to a character.
  • Collectors – Loungefly bags have truly become collector’s items, with many bags selling on eBay for double or triple the original price, especially hard to get, discontinued styles. Additionally, many collectors feature their Loungefly collection via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels, still with the original tags and packaging.
  • Resellers – Because of the popularity of many bags and other Loungefly products, a natural market has been created for resellers. While many resellers are simply collectors who swap and sell among the collector community, other resellers, as with any popular product, attempt to capture large quantities of the product and sell them at higher prices. Unfortunately, with resellers, it is impossible to know the true quality of the product or whether it is truly an authentic Loungefly product. Buyers should always use reputable distribution.

Tips for Collectors - Display and Upkeep

Like all collectible brands, Loungefly has its share of experienced collectors who have tips and tricks on the best way to store, display, and maintain Loungefly bags. There are several things one can do that will help maintain the integrity of their Loungefly products and keep their collections in “like new” condition:

  • Store on shelves, rather than hang Loungefly bags – While there are a ton of display hooks and other products on the market that collectors can and do use to display purses, bags, and backpacks of many brands, experts will tell you that hanging displays are never a good idea, at least not hanging the items using the straps of the bags themselves. Regardless of the bag’s material and quality, if hung by the straps for long periods of time, the straps or handles can stretch over time, creating some distortion to the product. For collectors who decide to hang their bags, care should be taken to hang the bag to keep the weight of the bag from impacting the straps long term.
  • Keep all original tags on the bag and original packing in the bag. Strictly for collectors who aren’t using the bag for daily use, keeping the original tag on helps to maintain the value of the product. Additionally, Loungefly bags are packed with packing paper to help maintain shape, with sized foam forms in various pockets to help ensure that the pockets don’t fold or wrinkle. For collectors who wish to display their bags, keeping the original packaging helps the bags hold their shape.
  • Keep bags free from dust and debris by wiping them weekly with warm water and a soft white cotton rag. Using a second dry rag, dry each bag thoroughly.

The Loungefly Stitch Shop

While Loungefly bags and backpacks are the biggest sellers, with wallets and fanny packs a close second, Loungefly offers additional products as well through their stitch shop. For cosplayers, fans of Disney or other Loungefly brands, or simply Loungefly lovers, the stitch shop carries shirts for both men and women and sweaters, skirts, and dresses. Made of quality materials, the Loungefly stitch shop has pieces that are as unique as their bags for many of their popular brands, including Disney, Coca-Cola, and Star Wars.

Since they were first established in 1998, Loungefly has become synonymous with quality bags and backpacks. While Disney is probably the franchise for which they are most well known, Loungefly has strategically applied the same quality and care to a host of other brands and franchises. As such, it has developed a strong customer following. With loyal fans around the country and the world, Loungefly has become a favorite for many cosplayers and collectors. With dozens of YouTube videos dedicated to product collections and unboxings, it is obvious the brand has amassed quite a following.

For questions about specific Loungefly products, release dates for merchandise, or product availability, customers can visit the Loungefly webpage at www.loungefly.com or connect with a reputable distributor of official Loungefly merchandise.

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