Marvel Comics STRONGEST Female Superheroes of All Time

Marvel Comics STRONGEST Female Superheroes of All Time

Although female characters have only started to earn their due space in Marvel movies in recent years, the publisher’s comics have always featured compelling heroines.

Some of them have already won live-action versions. Others should arrive in the MCU in the coming years. Mutants, heroines born without powers, the fruit of experiments, or even originals from parallel universes. Marvel has a solid female team!

With combat abilities, super strength, chaos magic, alien immunity… these heroines are some of the scariest opponents a villain (or a hero) could face.

To be sure, these characters were not created to be rescued, waiting in the tower for their Prince Charming!

From members of the X-Men to members of the Avengers and other heroic teams, we have great characters to cheer for and follow. That’s why I’ve gathered Marvel’s 10 most powerful heroines here!


Marvel STRONGEST Female Superheroes of All Time - Rogue

It’s all a matter of perspective – and in that sense, Rogue may or may not be the most powerful on the list, depending on your view of the mutant. Anne Marie was born with the gift of absorbing powers from the people she touches, as well as their memories, personalities, and even talents.

Thus, she earned her heroic codename and went through a journey of redemption, from villain to great heroine.

Her power is incredible, and she had already managed to do a lot of damage (as when she absorbed memories and powers from Carol Danvers and spent many years in possession of those abilities).

However, she needs to be close to other beings whose power is directly associated with her DNA for them to work. And because she is this superpowered “sponge,” she has indeed found a place on my list!

Rogue has been involved in a few teams, such as the opposing Brotherhood of Mutants and the X-Men. Also, thanks to her versatile powers, Captain America has commissioned her as the leader of an Avengers branch.


Marvel STRONGEST Female Superheroes of All Time - She-Hulk

A renowned lawyer, Jennifer Walters, would never imagine becoming a heroine and going into action. But, an accident changed everything, especially after she received a blood transfusion from her cousin.

After gaining her gamma powers, She-Hulk fought side by side with various superhero teams, from the Avengers to the Fantastic Four.

She-Hulk possesses strength very close to that of the Hulk – not to mention the advantages this brings, such as an excellent healing factor, the power to make great leaps, and invulnerability to blows, poisons, and radiation.

Besides all this, she also has an advantage over Bruce Banner: when she transforms, she retains her consciousness and intelligence, making her a much more strategic and focused character.

Invisible Woman

Marvel STRONGEST Female Superheroes of All Time - Invisible Woman

Although she has to share the spotlight with three other heroes in the Fantastic Four, the Invisible Woman has always been considered the most powerful member of her family – and who says this is not me, but Reed Richards himself and others, who walk side by side with her.

It is easy for those looking from afar to imagine that the heroine’s only ability is to be invisible, as her name says. But it is much more than that.

Sue Storm can also create powerful force fields with the power of her mind. These fields are actually constructed – and she can do anything she wants with them, from shields to protect herself, attack balls, platforms to float on, and even more creative uses, such as expanding the fields inside the body of her enemies… with tragic results.

Jean Grey

Marvel STRONGEST Female Superheroes of All Time - Jean Grey

Jean Grey is simply one of the greatest heroines in comics, racking up outstanding accomplishments and exciting stories.

Present since Marvel’s early days in the X-Men, she proves to be powerful even without the Phoenix Force, the cosmic entity that used the heroine as its host and made her fire and life reincarnated, for good or evil.

Even though, when not with the entity, Jean is not as powerful to alarming levels — which doesn’t mean she’s not a hell of a competitor — she is classified as one of the few omega mutants in the X-Men.

Due to her mutation, she possesses the gift of telepathy and telekinesis and is one of Professor X’s greatest protégés. Beloved by fans and X-Men alike, she can masterminds, lift large structures, and even launch bursts of psionic energy. And these powers have only evolved over time!


Marvel STRONGEST Female Superheroes of All Time - Spectrum

Long before Carol Danvers assumed the mantle of Captain Marvel, we had Monica Rambeau – a character that the general public is only getting to know now thanks to her appearances in WandaVision and the upcoming The Marvels.

However, in the comics, Danvers was an essential member of the Avengers and even led the team on several missions.

Monica has always been very strong and powerful, but her powers are even more incredible in practice. She can see all spectrums of light, absorb energies, and even transform her body into lights and variations of the electromagnetic spectrum.

For this reason, her heroic names could not match her capabilities more: Photon, Pulse, and even Spectrum.


Marvel STRONGEST Female Superheroes of All Time - Thena

The Eternals have been in the spotlight since the team got its first movie.

But even before that, Thena deserved a prominent place among Marvel’s most powerful heroines for possessing uncommon strength and all the powers shared by her race – starting with the gift of immortality, as well as molecular manipulation, flight, and even a healing factor.

The best warrior among the Eternals, Thena even “traded places” with the goddess Athena in the comics, which is why she got the name. She is a highly invincible creature who lets herself be carried away by emotion in combat but also knows how to defend her allies.

Finally, she also comes from a famous family, being the cousin of Thanos and Starfox, two of the most iconic Eternals in the House of Ideas.

Captain Marvel

Marvel STRONGEST Female Superheroes of All Time - Captain Marvel

As a child, Carol Danvers dreamed of flying and becoming a hero. And over the years, she defied all who denied her that right.

In the end, she managed to become a great aviator and gained the Mar-Vell powers, becoming the original Miss Marvel. And these abilities kept evolving, giving her particular relevance until she fully transformed into Captain Marvel, a true symbol.

As Captain, Carol has no limits in her abilities. She can absorb different types of energy and channel them into her body, shooting through bursts or gaining super strength.

She also has super speed and can fly, honoring the motto of “higher, further, faster!” The heroine’s presence in Marvel is getting bigger and bigger. So, Carol will be conquering new horizons for many, many years to come!

Mighty Thor (Jane Foster)

Marvel STRONGEST Female Superheroes of All Time - Mighty Thor (Jane Foster)

Jane Foster began as a simple sidekick and Thor’s love interest. Decades later, she was facing devastating cancer when she became the new bearer of Mjölnir, acquiring all the powers of a legitimate God of Thunder.

Armed with a secret identity and a desire to change the world, Jane became the Mighty Thor and decided to go on various missions to save the Ten Realms.

As a heroine, Jane possesses all the abilities of the Son of Odin – and other precious gifts. Being a nurse, she has always helped the fallen in battle and has incorporated her knowledge as a heroine.

She also has a much greater connection to Mjölnir, “talking” to it and making it a living weapon, able to fight alone even if it is many universes beyond her reach.


Marvel STRONGEST Female Superheroes of All Time - Storm

With mutants ever-present in the Marvel Universe, it would come as no surprise to find that Storm is one of the publisher’s most powerful heroines.

She is considered an omega because of her mutation. She has complete control over weather conditions, creating furious gales, summoning lightning, and even causing frost, floods, and hurricanes. No wonder she has spent years being considered a goddess by her followers.

Ororo Munroe is not only one of Marvel’s most skilled mutants, but she also has a steady hand and a great leadership spirit. A major star of the Children of the Atom, she has helped the heroes through difficult times and achieved great things with her control over the storms.

She is never shaken by problems and weaknesses, so much so that she has spent years fighting her uncertainties and is now queen of Arakko.

Scarlet Witch

Marvel Comics STRONGEST Female Superheroes of All Time - Scarlet Witch

Mother, wife, Avenger, villain, hero. Wanda Maximoff has always had to deal with the labels imposed on her, but she has never had to think twice about doing the right thing.

Gifted with a devastating ability – the ability to alter realities through Chaos Magic, she has constantly been tested in the most absurd and frightening ways, especially when her own mind became her own worst enemy.

Initially categorized as a mutant, Scarlet Witch went through several retcons to arrive at what she is today – a witch who was gifted with the dark magic of the Chthon god.

Responsible for dramatic sagas in the publisher, such as M Dynasty, Avengers Disassembled, and Darker Than Scarlet. Descended from the Romani people, she has magic running through her veins and carries on the legacy of her witch family.

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