Master of the Universe Revelation Part 2 Nearly Wrapped, and Ready to Go!

Master of the Universe Revelation Part 2 Nearly Wrapped, and Ready to Go!
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Netflix’s immediate hit, Masters of the Universe – Revelation, may have its second installment released soon. Series creator Kevin Smith revealed on his Twitter feed that composer Bear McCreary has wrapped up the live recording of the orchestrated soundtrack for the animation’s tenth episode and the sound mix for the eighth chapter.

The filmmaker also promised “brutal” fights between He-Man and villain Skeleton.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation follows the events of the 1980s series and has Kevin Smith as executive producer and showrunner. The episodes were written by Smith, Eric Carrasco (“Supergirl”), Tim Sheridan (“Reign of the Supermen”), Diya Mishra (“Magic the Gathering”), and Marc Bernardin (“Alphas”).

The series will be animated by Powerhouse Animation, the studio behind CastlevaniaMasters of the Universe: Revelation Part 1 is available now on Netflix, but there is no premiere date yet for part 2.

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