Moon Knight: Villain of The Series May Have Been Revealed

Moon Knight Villain of The Series May Have Been Revealed

Disney+ is suspected to be adding one of Marvel’s darkest villains to its Cinematic Universe! New information about Marvel’s upcoming series, Moon Knight, may have revealed details about the plot’s new villain.

Over the weekend, we saw Oscar Isaac, who will bring the Moon Knight to life, saying that the new Marvel Studios series will be “pretty crazy.” And now it seems we have confirmation of a new actor and his character.

French actor Gaspard Ulliel, known for playing the young Hannibal Lecter in Hannibal, will play Anton Mogart, also known in the comics as the Midnight Man.

The information is on the Hamilton Hodell website, an agency that represents actors and actresses. On this site, it’s possible to find the portfolio for each artist, including films, series, shorts, and plays already performed.

And on Gaspard Ulliel’s page, the following information is highlighted:
– Title: Moon Knight
– Role: Anton Mogart/Midnight Man
– Director: Mohammed Diab
– Producer: Marvel for Disney+

Under the nickname Midnight Man, Anton Mogart made his debut in 1981’s Moon Knight #3 and made a few appearances over the years. He is an art and jewelry thief who, upon crossing paths with Moon Knight, ended up having his face disfigured, which caused him to swear revenge against the hero.

In addition to Gaspard Ulliel as the Midnight Man, actor Ethan Hawke will also play a villainous role in the series, likely to be the Moon Knight’s main antagonist.

For now, the show’s footage is underway, and its premiere is scheduled for 2022.

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