Meet the 10 Most Iconic Robots in Medabots History

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From underdog heroes to fierce adversaries, the Medabots anime is a treasure trove of unforgettable robots. Dive into a nostalgia-packed journey as we count down the 10 most iconic Medabots that have forever imprinted their gears on our hearts.
Medabots Meet the 10 Most Iconic Robots in the Anime

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So you thought Pokémon and Digimon had the “monopoly” on battling adorable creatures? Well, let me introduce you to Medabots, a hidden gem of late ’90s anime that deserves a lot more spotlight than it has.

Like its more famous cousins, Medabots started its life in Japan as a video game, specifically on the original Game Boy in 1997.

It found its groove and ultimately got its own anime series, produced by Bee Train, which hit Japanese airwaves in 1999. Not too shabby, right?

Now let’s talk about the premise because it’s a trip. Medabots unfolds in a world where having a robot companion isn’t just for tech junkies; it’s the latest rage for kids and adults alike.

Ikki Tenryō, our spunky young hero, dreams of Robattle glory at the World Robattle Tournament. To make that dream a reality, he acquires a second-hand Medabot named Metabee.

But wait, there’s a hiccup. Metabee is missing a medal, which is basically the robot’s heart and soul or its operating system if you want to get technical.

Fortune favors the brave. Ikki finds a mysterious medal during a casual riverside stroll. After installing it into Metabee, he quickly realizes he’s stumbled onto something special.

Metabee’s newly installed Medal gives him extraordinary powers and—brace yourselves—a snarky attitude. Together, they embark on an enthralling quest, not just for Robattle domination but also to unravel an intricate web of mysteries that unfolds as they progress.

Stateside, Nelvana took the reins of localizing the anime, divvying it up into three binge-worthy seasons and airing it first on Fox Kids in 2001. It gained a commendable following, albeit not as massive as some of its genre peers.

Here’s the thing that makes Medabots so darn captivating. The robots have swappable parts, meaning battles are not just about who has the most potent lasers but strategy, tactics, and a pinch of luck.

You’re not just watching for the action. You’re looking for clever maneuvers and ingenious adaptations. The parts won in previous battles become crucial in later episodes, making each victory feel like a genuine team effort between Ikki and Metabee.

And let’s not forget the show’s aesthetic appeal. The design of each Medabot is this delightful cocktail of early-2000s zeitgeist mixed with classic science fiction elements.

On top of all this, the series employs a vibrant narrative filled with humor and unexpected plot twists, adding layers of enjoyment to the entire Medabots experience.

Sadly, Medabots didn’t break through the juggernaut franchises like Pokémon. It’s like a talented indie band that didn’t go mainstream but still has an ardent fanbase.

The silver lining? The core concept is timeless, making it a ripe candidate for a modern reboot.

So, as we delve into the most iconic Medabots that set this series apart, whether you’re reliving fond memories or discovering it for the first time, prepare to be charmed and entertained.

Intrigued? You should be. Stay tuned as we roll out the 10 best robots that make Medabots a series you shouldn’t overlook.



Meet Warbandit, Victor’s loyal Medabot companion who shines in the bright hues of orange and yellow, creatively styled to resemble the king of the jungle—a lion.

From its mane-like accents to its stoic presence, Warbandit is a symphony of design and subtlety, echoing the personality of its equally focused Medafighter, Victor. They are the serious contenders in the cutthroat world of the global Robattle tournaments.

Like master, like Medabot. Warbandit operates on a rare Kabuto Medal, a coveted item that grants him access to the enigmatic power known as the Medaforce.

But what sets him apart from your run-of-the-mill Medabots? It’s his resilience to the side effects of using this potent power. Trained rigorously by Victor, Warbandit has become a fortress of skill and restraint.

The anime series takes us on an emotional rollercoaster during the infamous Ten Days of Darkness. In a disturbing sequence of events, Warbandit was compelled to attack his own master while aiding in the destruction of Kenya.

Consequently, Victor’s trust waned, and the Medabot became more of a tool than a friend in his eyes. Yet Warbandit, enduring the burden of his actions, yearned for the rekindling of a friendship he once cherished.

Obeying every command and taking every risk, Warbandit longed to regain Victor’s elusive trust.

The ante was upped at the World Robattle Cup, where Warbandit’s Rare Medal became the focal point of a wicked plan concocted by Dr. Armond and the notorious Rubberobo Gang.

The objective? To trigger a calamity parallel to the Ten Days of Darkness and conquer the world. But as they say, the best-laid plans often go awry.

Dr. Armond’s scheme fell apart, and in a pivotal moment, Warbandit made an autonomous decision to defend Victor from an imminent attack. This selfless act shattered his physical form; even his core structure, or Tinpet, was decimated.

But what emerged from the ashes was the restoration of a friendship. Victor, in a rare moment of emotional clarity, acknowledged Warbandit’s unbroken loyalty and friendship.

He salvaged Warbandit’s Medal from the debris-strewn arena, vowing to rebuild him and reclaim their rightful place in the Robattle scene.



Cyandog is the faithful Medabot companion of Spyke—this mech has an endearing design that mirrors man’s best friend, the dog.

But don’t let his canine-like appearance mislead you into thinking he’s a force in the Robattle arena. This gun-slinging bot has had a rocky journey, mostly due to a mismatch between his hardware and his Monkey Medal.

A shooting star in the making? Not quite. Think of him more as a medabot who aims for the stars but keeps tripping over his own paws.

From the get-go, the cards seemed stacked against Cyandog. Created to excel in long-range combat, he found himself saddled with a Monkey Medal tailored for hand-to-hand engagement.

It’s like having a sniper rifle but only being trained in kickboxing—a clash if there ever was one. And let’s not even get started on Spyke’s Medafighting skills or the lack thereof.

Despite the challenges, Cyandog remained fiercely loyal to Spyke, evoking the loyalty of a dog to its master. Spyke reciprocated the affection by lavishing attention on his metallic buddy.

We’re talking about a closet filled with spare parts and even a specially designed doghouse. Who said Medabots can’t have style?

In the episode “Meet Your Meda-Maker,” Cyandog, under the skillful guidance of Dr. Aki, actually pulled off a win against Metabee. A shining moment, but alas, a rarity.

There’s a dramatic shift in the episode “Heavy Medal” where Cyandog, burdened with guilt for being the reason behind Spyke’s less-than-stellar Medafighting reputation, runs away.

Adopting the bad-boy alias “C-Dawg” (or Benji, if you’re following the Japanese version), he joins the rogue Medabot gang, the Rockers. Cyandog takes his rebellious role like a duck to water, even pushing kids into Robattles to strip them of their Medabot parts.

Enter Metabee, who challenges Cyandog to return to the light—or, more specifically, to Spyke. Just when you think Cyandog would reunite with his original Medafighter, Spyke throws a curveball by bringing in a shiny, new Medabot named Krosserdog.

Feeling jilted, Cyandog acts like he’s moved on, but a confrontation between him and Metabee soon exposes his vulnerabilities.

Spyke enters the scene, and a heartfelt conversation ensues. It’s a turning point that leaves Cyandog motionless, and his Monkey Medal finds a new home in Krosserdog. As for Cyandog’s parts, their fate remains uncertain, but the emotional weight of his journey lingers on.

In the English dub, the saga of Cyandog, model number DOG-4157, unfolds as a story filled with ups, downs, and valuable life lessons.

It’s a narrative that proves even in the Medabot universe, the heart—or, in this case, the Medal—matters just as much as the machine.



Meet Totalizer, Sloan’s faithful Medabot companion, crafted with the aesthetics of a turtle in mind. If you’re thinking, “Turtles are slow, so this can’t be good,” you’ve got the ‘slow’ part correct.

But Totalizer is anything but a pushover. This mechanized reptile packs some serious armor and wields a laser that can blast enemies to smithereens. You know what they say: slow and steady wins the race—or, in this case, the Robattle.

A walking, or rather, crawling, contradiction Totalizer is a peculiar case. With a shell that can withstand a virtual artillery barrage, you’d expect him to have the speed of a sloth wearing cement shoes.

And you’d be right. But what he lacks in swiftness, he compensates for with a laser beam that could put most sci-fi movie weapons to shame.

The caveat? Landing a direct hit isn’t the easiest task, making each shot a dramatic, hold-your-breath moment. When he does score, it’s lights out, game over—the digital equivalent of a home run in the last inning.

In the grand narrative of the anime, Totalizer may not have top billing, but underestimate him at your peril. He’s one of those under-the-radar characters who can effortlessly snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat.

He’s not out there snagging the limelight, but when he steps into the Robattle arena, it’s with the silent assurance of a competitor who knows his capabilities inside and out.

When we first meet him in the episode “Return of the Screws,” he’s brought in to face off against Ikki Tenryou. Eager fans were just getting warmed up for a showdown, but Coach Mountain intervened, giving everyone the proverbial red card.

Why? Medabots and educational institutions don’t mix, at least according to school policy. It’s a clash of two worlds, where the conflict is as much about rule-bending as it is about lasers and armors.

For the record-keepers out there, his model number in the English dub is TOT-201520. As for his Tortoise Medal, it syncs perfectly with his turtle-themed aur

a. Silent but intense, Totalizer communicates volumes through his actions rather than words. Think of him as the quiet guy in the room whose presence you can’t ignore.

He may not be flashy or a conversation starter, but when it comes to Robattles, he lets his laser do all the talking—and boy, does it have a lot to say.



For those who love speed, agility, and a splash of sass, meet Peppercat—the Medabot marvel who’s got it all. Well, almost all.

Owned by Samantha, this electric feline-inspired machine takes the “fast and furious” notion to an entirely new dimension. Decked out in striking red and white, Peppercat stands out, not just in color but also in performance.

The reason? Samantha, who has a knack for Medabot mechanics, strategically stripped away portions of her armor to unleash the true beast within. And boy, does it pay off on the Robattle circuit.

While we all love an underdog story, Peppercat is far from it. She’s a high-ranking contender in the Robattle league, stealing the spotlight right from her debut episode against Dr. Bokchoy.

In Japan, her vocal cords are powered by Mika Ishibashi, giving her that perfect blend of ferocity and femininity.

She even outshines her teammates—Totalizer and Cyandog (who later becomes Krosserdog)—simply because she doesn’t have the same limitations that weigh them down.

For Totalizer, it’s his sluggish nature; for Cyandog, it’s his Monkey Medal, which is more like a monkey wrench in his combat effectiveness.

But hold on; this feline wonder isn’t invincible. Take away the armor, and you’re left with a machine that might just short-circuit if you so much as look at her the wrong way.

I mean, get this: she’s got an Achilles’ heel—or should I say paw—that makes her vulnerable to just a few well-placed hits. Her Achilles’ paw manifests not just in her reduced armor but also in the consistent mishaps when Samantha tries to mod her up with male Medabot parts.

Every attempt winds up backfiring, and whether it’s because Peppercat’s Queen Medal clashes with male Tinpets or just plain ol’ compatibility issues, the jury is still out.

The anime episode “For Better, For Worse – Part I” was a landmark moment in Peppercat’s career—a point where her limitations came to light.

Outfitted with incompatible parts like Decoy Crab and Death Beam, she lost to Snailoader. In different episodes, Samantha even tried her hand at male Kilobot parts in “Medabots Spirit,” using Skelbot’s legs and Frontline’s left arm.

The result? Peppercat struggled to adapt, serving as a poignant reminder that even the mightiest have their limits.

Oh, and before I forget, let’s delve into a less-explored aspect of Peppercat—her love life. Yeah, you read that right. In “Medabots Spirit,” Peppercat is head over wheels for Arc-Dash.

It’s a Robattle romance, complete with love at first sight—or should I say the first skirmish? Their connection is palpable as Peppercat showers him with her most endearing behaviors.

She goes so far as to call Arcbeetle-Dash her hero and nudges Samantha to extend heartfelt thanks to him and Ginkai after they swoop in to save her from Unitrix and Exor. Talk about heart circuits overloading!

In summary, Peppercat is a dynamic package—sleek, agile, a little fragile, but with an electric personality that complements Samantha’s own feisty nature.

And while she might have a chink or two in her armor, or lack thereof, this complexity makes her such an engaging character to root for, episode after episode.



If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you combined top-tier Robattle prowess with Florence Nightingale-level compassion, let me introduce you to Neutranurse.

This Medabot is the mechanical pride and joy of Karin, the granddaughter of Dr. Aki and childhood friend of Koji.

Painted in a soothing palette of pink and white, Neutranurse is your go-to healer in the chaotic world of cyber battles. In fact, she’s never lost a fight. Yeah, you read that correctly—never.

While most Medabots focus on blasting their opponents to smithereens, Neutranurse takes a different tack. In a setting where it’s every bot for themselves, she goes against the grain by specializing in support roles.

With an inbuilt healing mechanism that works like a charm, Neutranurse not only restores her own energy but also heals her teammates.

It’s like having a pocket medic on your side, one that’s got the robustness of a tank and the agility of a sports car.

The secret behind her virtually unbreakable defense lies in her helmet and shields. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill pieces of armor, mind you.

Neutranurse’s helmet can nullify incoming attacks, allowing her to focus on what she does best: healing. As for her shield, it’s a fortress that would make King Arthur jealous.

It’s almost invincible, but I must note that even the most robust shields have their limits, and hers will break after sustained use.

Let’s talk about her medals, shall we? Neutranurse is dual-wielding like a pro, with a Mermaid and Knight Medal.

These aren’t just for show—they’re core components that add nuanced complexity to her abilities and strategies.

Whether she’s blocking a horde of missiles or regenerating lost health, these medals make her the ultimate multifaceted combatant.

If you’re curious about model numbers and voice actors, the details go even deeper. In the English dub of the anime, Neutranurse operates under the model NAS-14119.

If you’re more into the Japanese version, you’ll find Karin affectionately calling her Neutranurse Nurse-chan. That’s a whole other level of cuteness.

And did you know her healing prowess extends beyond Medabots? She’s also been shown patching up humans, as exemplified in her interaction with Eddie.

Yeah, she’s a literal life-saver in more ways than one.

To summarize, Neutranurse is more than just a standard Medabot. She’s a strategic powerhouse that challenges conventional Robattle norms.

This unassuming “nurse” with her pink and white aesthetics is a masterclass in gracefully winning battles without resorting to brute force.

She’s proof that you don’t have to be a hulking behemoth to be undefeated; sometimes, you only need the right combination of strategy, support, and an unyielding spirit.



When the topic of discussion shifts to Medabots with an overwhelming prowess in the arena, it’s downright criminal, not to mention Arcbeetle.

Commanded by the enigmatic Space Medafighter X, Arcbeetle is the epitome of firepower and strategic execution. What makes him even more intriguing is that he’s never lost a cyber battle. Yeah, you heard it—undefeated.

Visually, Arcbeetle is a beauty with a nod to the Hercules beetle. His color scheme of red and yellow is eye-catching but not just for aesthetics; it’s like a siren’s call to opponents that signals impending doom.

He made his grand entrance in the episode “Enter Rintaro,” Let’s say he left an indelible mark.

Regarding combat capabilities, Arcbeetle is a master of the long-range game. He’s got a pair of cannons for hands—Ignition and Explode—that give new meaning to the term “armed and dangerous.”

But that’s not all; he’s got a third, distinct cannon on his head, affectionately known as Prominence. What’s interesting is that Arcbeetle doesn’t waste words.

He’s the strong, silent type with exactly one line of dialogue in the anime. It’s as if he believes his firepower should do all the talking, and trust me, it speaks volumes.

Now, let’s delve into the esoteric realm of special moves. Arcbeetle isn’t a one-trick pony, no siree. His “Tri-Cannon” attack leverages his dual-arm cannons to blast energy shots in a three-directional assault.

It’s like a pyrotechnic show where the main attraction is the impending downfall of his enemies. Yet, when it’s time to wrap things up, Arcbeetle turns to his Prominence finisher.

Here’s where things get astronomically cool. Space Medafighter X invokes the sun’s power to charge up this devastating attack.

Sure, Arcbeetle becomes momentarily vulnerable while charging, but once he’s fully powered up? Kaboom! A concentrated blast of energy obliterates anything in its path.

What makes Arcbeetle truly fascinating is his strong spirit and bond with his Medafighter. This isn’t just a robot commanded by a human; it’s a relationship, a partnership, a dynamic duo united against threats like the notorious Rubberobo Gang.

Arcbeetle’s got a damaged Kabuto Medal—previously used on a Metabee—a rarity that enables him to use the Medaforce. It’s not just a chip; it’s like the heart of a warrior, empowering him to be the hero the Medabot world needs.

Regarding specs, for those of you who love to geek out on such things, his model number in the English dub is KBT-11220-2.

The Medabot Vital Stats indicate his specialty is fireballs, but honestly, that’s like saying Michelangelo dabbled in a bit of painting.

Arcbeetle is a complex, layered combatant whose silence and immense firepower make him an unforgettable character in the sprawling narrative of Medabots.



Meet Sumilidon, the sleek and stealthy Medabot owned by Koji Karakuchi, who is also the unyielding rival to Ikki’s Metabee.

Sumilidon’s aesthetic is nothing short of extraordinary—it’s crafted to embody the fiercest qualities of a saber-toothed tiger, and oh boy, does it deliver.

He even sports a Flexor Sword that mimics the animal’s lethal claws. Let’s talk about Sumilidon’s demeanor: He embodies “silent but deadly.”

He doesn’t bother with idle chit-chat, only speaking when absolutely necessary, but make no mistake, he revels in receiving orders from Koji. It’s not a master-servant dynamic; it’s more like a well-oiled, synergistic relationship.

Now, there was this jaw-dropping moment in a clash with the U.S.A. Team during the World Robattle Cup, where Sumilidon unleashed the Medaforce.

Trust me, the whole Medabot fan community went into a speculative frenzy. Could his Medal be one of those ultra-rare ones?

Interestingly enough, Dr. Aki put this debate to rest. After a thorough investigation, it turns out that Sumilidon’s Medal is, shockingly, a clone medal like most others.

But—and here’s where it gets wild—Dr. Aki floated the compelling theory that Sumilidon might have some ancestral linkage with the Rare Medals.

Could that be the secret to unlocking his Medaforce abilities? It’s still just a theory, but doesn’t it add an extra layer of mystique?

Now, you’ve got to hear about the special training Sumilidon underwent. He didn’t just learn any ability; he trained under Space Medafighter X to master his unique “Shadow Sword” technique with his Flexor Sword part.

The results are downright electrifying, and they’ve positioned Sumilidon as a force to be reckoned with in the high-stakes Robattle arena.

As for those into the technical details—looking at you, hardcore fans—Sumilidon’s model type in the English dub is STG-19207.

You might be intrigued by the discrepancy in Medaforce abilities across different Medals in the games.

That’s an enthralling topic for another day, but suffice it to say, Sumilidon’s game-changing abilities offer an intriguing twist to the traditional Medabot dynamics.

Sumilidon is more than just a Medabot; he’s a complex character, an enigmatic force in a world of cybernetic showdowns.

His selective silence, coupled with a mysterious potential ancestral connection and thirst for victory, make him an inimitable player in the grand tapestry of Medabot rivalries.

You just can’t help but wonder what other secrets and abilities lie within this enigmatic Medabot.

So, keep your eyes peeled for those following the latest exploits and lore of the Medabot universe; Sumilidon is a name you’ll want to remember.



The world of Medabots is filled with all kinds of intriguing characters, but one Medabot that often stands out for her unique supportive role is Brass, also known as Sailor-Multi.

She’s the trusty sidekick of Erika Amazake, who just so happens to be Ikki’s best friend. Always at Erika’s side during her journalistic escapades, Brass has established a pretty chill friendship with Metabee, Ikki’s Medabot.

Her appearance? Let’s say it’s inspired by the iconic sailor-style school uniforms seen in Japanese culture—quite the fashion statement if you ask me.

Now, she may have a rifle and a machine gun, but Brass isn’t your typical guns-blazing type of Medabot. Instead, her forte lies in her ability to offer critical support, especially when she teams up with Metabee in high-stakes cyber battles.

In one memorable episode, Brass was referred to as having “bad aim” and “weak shots” by Ikki during a double Robattle against Erika and Samantha.

But let’s clear the air: Brass intentionally held back her firepower. Why? Because Erika gave her the nudge to let Nathan and Stingray, Ikki’s Robattle partners for the match, take home the win. So, yeah, don’t underestimate Brass based on that one incident.

Brass is far from being a one-trick pony—she has her special head part called Variable Hair. This nifty piece of hardware enhances her ability to “scout” opponents.

What does that mean in layman’s terms? It amps up her accuracy like nobody’s business. So, while she might not pack the most punch with her stock arm parts, the Short Shot and Patery Vulcan, her newfound accuracy often compensate for what she lacks in raw power.

Let’s talk digits for a second. In the English dub, Sailor-Multi’s serial number is SLR-191218. And for those who care about the voice behind the Medabot, Brass was voiced by Masami Suzuki in the original Japanese version.

All in all, Brass embodies the essence of a supporting character, adding depth and dynamic to the narrative of Medabots. She may not be front and center like some of the flashier Medabots, but her behind-the-scenes contributions are invaluable.

Whether assisting in Robattles or tagging along in Erika’s journalism quests, Brass remains an indispensable and irreplaceable character in the universe of Medabots. Keep an eye on her; she might surprise you.



When it comes to Medabots, the spotlight often lands on the flashy, action-driven stars like Metabee. But skulking in the background, emerging from the shadows only when absolutely necessary, is Rokusho—the cryptic Medabot clad in a weathered old cloak.

Let’s not beat around the bush; this guy is enigmatic with a capital “E.”

Flaunting a design that echoes the regal stag beetle, drenched in hues of metallic silver, Rokusho is nothing short of a visual masterpiece.

A sword is nestled comfortably on his back, almost like a part of his exoskeleton. Yeah, it’s a legit sword. And if you’re into alphanumeric codes, he’s identified as KWG-11237 in the dubbed versions.

Unlike his fellow Medabots, Rokusho seems to be a lone ranger. No one seems to know who his Medafighter is—or even if he has one.

He’s a phantom, sporadically gracing us with his presence throughout the anime series, often when you least expect it but most need it.

Here’s the kicker: The guy is on a quest. Not for treasure or glory but to find his missing Medafighter. It’s like a subplot straight out of a noir novel.

Although he’s draped in mystery, Rokusho’s not tight-lipped when sharing wisdom. He might not have time for Robattles just for kicks, but when it comes to dishing out advice to Ikki and Metabee, he’s your Medabot.

You could almost say he’s the Yoda of the “Medabots” universe, minus the reverse sentence structure.

Rokusho’s not just about talk; he’s got a purpose that drives him—protecting Rare Medals like his own Kuwagata Medal.

Why? Because in the wrong hands, these medals could spell disaster, and that’s a responsibility he takes as seriously as his own circuits. It’s all about safeguarding the medals and life forms, my friends.

Now, because he’s endowed with a Rare Medal, Rokusho can tap into the formidable power of the Medaforce.

He’s no showboat, though. Generally, he’s a solemn character, adhering to a strict moral compass that you don’t usually see in Medabots. His idea of a Robattle? Only if it’s to defend someone or something. Yes, he’s that principled.

To sum it all up, Rokusho is a standout character, not just for his elusive nature but also for his stoic dignity and unwavering sense of duty.

While he may not be the one capturing the limelight, make no mistake: Rokusho’s impact on the “Medabots” universe is immeasurable.

Whether doling out timely advice or on a covert mission to secure Rare Medals, he’s the unsung hero whose actions reverberate through every episode.



Let’s talk Metabee, shall we? You know, the bright yellow and silver Medabot that’s all the rage. This charismatic mechanical marvel belongs to Ikki, a young dreamer who’s always wanted to be a part of the thrilling world of Robattles.

Ah, but there’s a catch. Ikki wasn’t exactly rolling in dough. So, he opts for a budget-friendly Medabot model. Little did he know that destiny had other plans.

Ikki stumbled upon a Kabuto Medal in the depths of Riverview City’s river. And not just any medal—this is the crème de la crème, the stuff of legends, a rare gem that grants Metabee access to the almighty Medaforce.

It’s like finding a golden ticket to Willy Wonka’s factory. Based on the rhinoceros beetle, Metabee sports a dual-horned design—translated into two kickass head cannons that look just like the beetle’s horns.

Now, let’s wind back the tape a bit. When Ikki first lays his eyes on his pal Erika getting into a serious pickle with The Rockers, that’s when he knows he’s got to act. Swiftly, he heads to a store run by the ever-so-convenient clerk, Henry.

The Medabot Ikki ends up buying comes with old KBT-type parts. Here’s a quirky twist: Depending on the version you’re tuned into, the naming rights for Metabee vary.

In the American dub, Ikki christens him Metabee, which later syncs up with the original Japanese version where the clerk, Henry, suggests the name.

The moment of truth comes when Metabee is pitted against The Rockers in his debut Robattle. And let’s say he’s not shy about flaunting his Medaforce.

The guy annihilates a Phoenix and two Blackram units—one even armed with a Bombarder arm—all by himself. Initially, Metabee is a bit of a wild card, marching to the beat of his own drum.

However, as time passes, he and Ikki grow close, their bond resembling squabbling but ultimately loving siblings.

Life’s not all about Robattles. Unless you’re Metabee, who has a weird soft spot for watermelons. Yep, you read that right.

Henry even tries to lure him with this succulent fruit in the episode “Return of the Screws.” Personality-wise, Metabee starts as a bit of a braggart, but he mellows out.

His loyalties are fierce, his determination unshakable, and let’s not even talk about how much he despises being separated from his body or Medal.

The dynamic duo—Ikki and Metabee—eventually find themselves vying for glory in the World Robattle Cup. During the nerve-wracking finals against Victor and his Medabot Warbandit, they pull through a calamity eerily similar to the Ten Days of Darkness.

They avert the crisis, only to face a gargantuan Medabot sent to wreck havoc by Dr. Meta-Evil. But wait, Dr. Aki has a countermove: a colossal Metabee piloted by none other than our favorite Medabot and his comrades.

The ultimate showdown ensues, with Metabee making a heart-wrenching sacrifice to save the day, only to be revived shortly after that.

But don’t think the story ends there. Enter Medabots Spirit. This chapter brings in a new adversary: Ginkai and his Kilobot Desperado. They’re part of a grander scheme by Kam Kamazaki to replace Medabots with Kilobots.

Metabee, now souped up with upgrades and a new Medawatch Advance, is a changed machine. He can now “Medachange,” morphing into a car-like form in his Reckless Mode and wielding an energy ball attack in his Crafty Mode.

He faces formidable challenges that require teamwork with Roks, Tyrelbeetle, and Arcbeetle-Dash—all KBT and KWG types.

Together, they counter the Kilobot Gryphon, but it takes an explosion of epic proportions to bring the threat to a screeching halt.

Metabee’s journey is nothing short of cinematic, from a budget buy to a global sensation. With every Robattle and every near-apocalyptic event, Metabee cements his place not just in the Medabots universe but in the hearts of fans worldwide.

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