My Hero Academia: Midoriya’s Scary Form Gets Official Name

My Hero Academia Midoriya's Scary Form Gets Official Name

In the My Hero Academia manga, Izuku Midoriya goes through the darkest period of his life and takes on a new form, which now has an official name.

The hero knows that he may be the last One For All quirk bearer and is being pursued by All For One and his minions, who threaten to put everyone he loves in danger by forcing his removal.

In BNHA Volume 31, written and drawn by creator Kohei Horikoshi, Midoriya’s frightening form is just Dark Deku.

His appearance is altered because of the hero’s mental state, estranged from his friends for fear of hurting them. He appears covered with a mixture of blood, dust, mud, and ash, making it all the more dramatic.

As Dark Deku sets off on a near-suicide mission to take on All For One and his gang alone, his UA Academy colleagues try to bring him back to normal, making him realize that he doesn’t have to face this danger alone. Midoriya should undergo a new transformation in the following chapters.

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