NEW Loungefly December 2020 Preview – Coming January 2021

The new Loungefly December 2020 collection has just been released and has a huge variety of items.
NEW Loungefly December 2020 Preview! Arrive January 2021
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Today I’m going to be giving you a sneak peek into the new Loungefly bags being released in January 2021. You can use the list guide below to jump right to your favorite collection. 

These bags are available for pre-order at The Line Jumper starting December 1st at 12 AM EST. From there, you can easily sneak peek at the preview collection as well.

Prepare to get major heart eyes for the adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse Hearts set. This is the perfect tribute to Disney’s dynamic duo. I love the all-over print of them in various lovestruck poses and the super cute heart-shaped pocket from the backpack. And it’s hard not to love the charming Mickey crossbody. Love at first sight for sure!

The Minnie Mouse 2 in 1 set is just darling! Adorned with her signature polka dots, I love the red and pink color combo and contrasting gold hardware. My favorite part is the zip-off bum bag, meaning you get two Loungefly bags for the price of one: Ultra-cute and the perfect way to show your appreciation for our favorite Disney’s golden girl.

Inspired by the much loved ‘Kiss the Girl’ scene, The Little Mermaid set features a magical print of Ariel and Prince Eric in their gondola with Flounder and friends looking on and cheeky Sebastian on the back. Mer-mazing!

Loungefly has hit the bullseye with the wonderful Robin Hood classical set. Depicting the scene where Robin Hood Rescues Maid Marian in glorious color and detail, complete with Sir Hiss on the back, it’s the perfect tribute to the trickster hero and his many adventures!

I’m beyond excited to see Bambi making an appearance on his very own Loungefly set, especially when the design is as perfect as this! I love the all-over print’s whimsical woodland vibes, combined with the contrasting brown pocket and straps.

The adorable Flower from Disney’s Bambi makes the cutest addition to Loungefly’s much-loved cosplay collection. Check out her swinging tail and the adorable embroidered quote on the back, which reads, ‘He can call me Flower if he wants to.’ 

Loungefly has perfectly captured the baddie of the Arabian city of Agrabah in the Disney Villains Jafar set. Even Lago makes an appearance on the back. Evil has never looked so good!

The Marvel Art of Skottie Young packs a powerful punch on the Marvel Avengers Loungefly set. Featuring all your favorites (just, you know, shorter), including Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Captain America, and more. This is a must-have piece for Marvel fans and collectors alike.

Designed to show off your pin collection, we are also be getting Winnie the Pooh, Beauty And The Beast, and Cinderella Book Backpacks. Loungefly and pins! Isn’t that just the sweetest combination?

Definitely, my favorite from January Preorders is the Skottie Young art on the Loungefly bags. I’m super excited about this! And you? What’s your favorite for this month? Don’t forget to comment on your must-haves! Missed earlier releases? Check them out here.

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