NEW Loungefly February 2021 Preview – Arrive March 2021

Sneak peek into the new Loungefly bags being released in March 2021.
NEW Loungefly February 2021 Preview - Arrive March 2021
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The upcoming March 2021 Loungefly releases will bring Star Wars, Spongebob, Sanrio, Disney, Valfré, Fantastic Beasts, and Harry Potter beautiful backpacks, cross bodies, and wallets.

Loungefly March 2021 pre-orders, starting December 1st at 12 AM EST, are already live and you can find them at The Line Jumper.

And today I’m going to be giving you a sneak peek into the new Loungefly bags being released. You can use the list guide below to jump right to your favorite collection.

Loungefly Harry Potter

Loungefly Harry Potter February 2021 pre-orders coming March 2021

Harry Potter and Hedwig are iconized as POP! figures in this mini backpack, crossbody, and wallet.

One of Harry Potter’s most famous duos brought some magic to the Loungefly collection. Who better than Hedwig to keep our wizard’s belongings? The crossbody comes with a special pin to help him carry your secret cards. The wallet is very fun and Dobby,  with his free elf status, would certainly approve!

Loungefly Fantastic Beasts

Loungefly Fantastic Beasts February 2021 pre-orders coming March 2021
This collection made of smooth and soft plush is an absolute must-have for any fan of the Fantastic Beasts. And who better than Niffler, the adorable explorer and guardian of treasures to guard our most precious belongings? I specifically love the front purse pocket from the mini backpack and the lining printed with gold galleons.

Loungefly Winnie the Pooh

Loungefly Winnie The Pooh February 2021 pre-orders coming March 2021

This darling Winnie the Pooh Loungefly collection is sure to lift your spirits just like the characters who inspired it.

The Piglet mini backpack shows darling details like a sweet daisy enamel zipper and cute applique features. Be sure to check out the embroidered ‘Let the adventures begin’ quote on the back. Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, and Tigger all feature on the charming floral scene mini backpack and wallet. I love the ‘Oh Bother’ printed lining and enamel bee zipper charm.

This Winnie The Pooh new Loungefly release is, for sure, the perfect tribute to everyone’s favorite bear.

Loungefly Lilo and Stitch

Loungefly Lilo And Stitch February 2021 pre-orders coming March 2021

Say ALOHA to your new favorite Stitch backpack, crossbody, and wallet from Loungefly! Now you can dance all night with this Luau Stitch by your side.

Modeled on our favorite alien from Lilo & Stitch, the mini backpack complete with a grass hula skirt and lei and the hibiscus flower zipper and 3d ears are so cute! The all set is packed with all the beautiful detailing you’d expect from the accessories experts at Loungefly, like their signature banded plate and applique and embroidered detailing. Just perfect for the fans!

Loungefly Sleeping Beauty

Loungefly Sleeping Beauty February 2021 pre-orders coming March 2021

Make it pink! Make it blue! With this gorgeous floral allover print, now you don’t have to decide.

Loungefly immortalized the colorful good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather from Sleeping Beauty in this mini backpack and wallet. Adorned with a charming, floral-inspired all-over print and contrast pink lining, it’s the perfect tribute to the trio! Simply beautiful and marvelous.

Loungefly Wreck-It Ralph

Loungefly Wreck-It Ralph February 2021 pre-orders coming March 2021

Candy Kingdom dweller has broken out into the world of Loungefly! This is not a glitch. Everyone’s favorite racer from Sugar Rush is here. And she’ll even store all of your stuff!

The mini backpack features a real drawstring and rivets to mimic Vanellope’s sweater, and the back features the handmade Hero Medal. It also includes gumdrop-shaped enamel zipper charms.

I  love this colorful candy-inspired styling and the ‘you’re my hero’ heart medal on the back. It’s hard to resist!

Loungefly Pompompurin

Loungefly Sanrio Pompompurin February 2021 pre-orders coming March 2021

Pompompurin is the newest addition to Loungefly’s lineup of Sanrio cosplay. This adorable plushie mini backpack and wallet of Sanrio character Pompompurin is too cute for words!

Modeled on his adorable features, it’s topped off with his trademark brown beret and his best friend Muffin the hamster on the back. Super kawaii!

I won’t be able to resist his adorable button face.

Loungefly Valfré

Loungefly Valfre Lucy Art February 2021 pre-orders coming March 2021

Loungefly has collaborated with Mexican-born and LA-based artist Ilse Valfré to bring her fun, psychedelic, sassy and edgy artwork to this must-have everyday mini backpack and wallet, starring Lucy, her devilish character.

The leather mini backpack features an allover print of the mischievous and adorable Lucy along with daisies, cherries, and pitchforks. The zip-around wallet features the adorable and mischievous Lucy enjoying some ice cream–or at least trying to.

Perfect for anyone who may look like an angel on the outside but is 100% a devil on the inside! This is definitely one of my favorites this month!

Loungefly Pusheen

Loungefly Pusheen February 2021 pre-orders coming March 2021

The legendary Pusheenicorn is just the perfect inspiration this design from Loungefly really is the cat’s whiskers.

Pusheen plays under a rainbow and lounges on a crescent moon as a unicorn kitty on this adorable mini backpack, crossbody, and wallet. In her glitzy unicorn-inspired guise, comes complete with suede and patent applique details and even a moving tail in the mini backpack!

It’s the most perfect tribute to the tubby tabby who is loved the world over.

Loungefly Spongebob Squarepants

Loungefly Spongebob Squarepants February 2021 pre-orders coming March 2021

Plankton makes another dastardly attempt to steal the Krabby Patty formula on this Krusty Krab-themed mini backpack, and you’ll have a hard time not biting right into this Krabby Patty-themed wallet.

A total feel-good accessory and the perfect tribute to the animated fast food joint and a way to show some love for one of our favorite Nickelodeon shows.

Loungefly Star Wars

Loungefly Star Wars February 2021 pre-orders coming March 2021

Loungefly continues their Star Wars Lands series with this Naboo mini backpack, inspired by the idyllic world close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories. Adorned with a print of the capital Theed complete with the N-1 starfighter in silhouette, it’s an absolute must-have for any Star Wars collector or fan.

I love the molded rebel logo on the strap of the white gold rebel mini backpack, and the quilted detailing on the bag itself. It’s authentically Star Wars but still totally wearable. A classic Loungefly piece!

There are so many bags to choose from! Hard isn’t’ it? I already pre-ordered my Valfré bag and wallet. It was kind of love at first sight (so cute!!!). The Vanellope’s sweater is now on my shopping basket, and I’m also thinking of adding the Star Wars gold rebel mini backpack (classics can’t go wrong anywhere!).

Anyway, if you think about purchasing some of these lovely bags, here’s a list of my favorite shops. You just have to click and shop! Happy hunting!

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