NEW Loungefly October 2020 Previews - Coming November 2020

NEW Loungefly October 2020 Previews Coming November 2020 - Bags, Purses, Mini-Backpacks

The new Loungefly October 2020 collection has just been released and has a huge variety of items ranging from backpacks and totes to keychains and collectible pins!

The selection is vast and includes some of our favorite fandoms from Disney, Hello Kitty, Marvel, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and even Grinch and Max! You can choose a tote, crossbody, backpack, or fanny pack with your best-loved hero. And you can literally coordinate your entire look matching 3 pieces. I love this idea!

Set to release in November 2020, this entire Loungefly Collection is available for pre-order at my favorite store: The Line Jumper. From there, you can easily sneak peek the previews collection as well.

You can also check the complete list of the Loungefly new releases below. I can’t wait to see full photos of these new designs, and hopefully, there’s also more items in this upcoming collection!  Fingers crossed, and stay tuned for further updates.

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5 thoughts on “NEW Loungefly October 2020 Preview – Coming November 2020”

  1. Aww, you’ve done such a good job putting all these together. I’m so happy because I’ll be getting the Disney Fantasia merch from Loungefly. I’ve been waiting so long for this, and finally, I was able to pre-order it. I’m super excited! The Sorcerer Mickey backpack is amazing. He’s my fav. Loungefly has also been coming out with some really cool marvel ranges that I really love. Really good picks this month.

  2. I’m not really a fan, but my wife as a thing for all Harry Potter stuff. Unfortunately, we can’t all attend Hogwarts. But its money well spent. I can make her happy, and they’re all nicely made. The variety is also amazing. Many gift choices for young family members. Thanks for sharing.

  3. HII, thank you for sharing this article about the Loungefly collection. From the bag down to every other product, I have seen lots that caught my attention, which I would be sure to get for Christmas. My daughter will be so glad when I get her the Minnie Mouse Pop! She’s been nagging about it all weekend.

  4. Omg these are so adorable! I am a Loungefly fan of course.  I get to use always when I go to the parks and also give it to my nieces. I can see myself using Loungefly Disney Sensational 6 Purse. That looks practical for daily use. I also have a thing for Sanrio, I grew up with Sanrio and bad bad maru is my favorite so I may get it. It is so hard to decide. And Harry Potter, they are killing me here.   

    • Good choice! It’s hard, isn’t it? I always have the same dilemma… They’re all so fabulous and always full of surprisingly cute little details. My collection is getting huge, and I absolutely love each one of them. Big Star Wars fan here!


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