NEW Marvel’s Midnight Suns: Meet 10 Characters From The Game

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NEW Marvel's Midnight Suns Meet 10 Characters From The Game

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the upcoming tactical role-playing game starring the House of Ideas’ most powerful mystical heroes.

In this new adventure, the Avengers must fight the dark forces of the dangerous Lilith, Mother of Demons, who has been revived by HYDRA using a combination of dark magic and technology. To stop her from summoning Chthon, they will team up with a task force of experts in fighting the occult.

This sinister story is inspired by a classic comic book team, the Midnight Sons. Still, the line-up we’ll see in the game will be completely new, reuniting heroes of the original team with Marvel’s biggest heroes from X-Men and the Runaways and a completely original character known as The Hunter.

So, meet the magical heroes who will be playable in Marvel’s new game, coming to all current platforms in March 2022.

Captain America

Marvel's Midnight Suns Captain America

Captain America, The First Avenger, will be in the game as a supporting character. His shield grants him access to defensive abilities that will make the difference in ensuring that his team survives the most devastating attacks from Lilith’s minions.

Although he has not been part of any Midnight Sons line-up in the comics, the Captain has a record of fighting vampires, most notably the Blood Baron.

The bloodsucker faced the hero in World War II, and Steve only survived thanks to his reinforced costume. He can earn a new striking yellow and black uniform in the game, inspired by the team’s colors.

Captain Marvel

Marvel's Midnight Suns Captain Marvel

After having faced every kind of cosmic threat, few things can surprise Captain Marvel. So when demons start attacking the planet, she doesn’t think twice before taking action. Her cosmic abilities ensure a certain distance from the targets that opens up a range of exciting strategies.

Although she is more closely tied to the Avengers, Carol Danvers has already been involved with the mystical core of the comics when she ended up trapped in the future and had to work alongside Doctor Strange to survive the insane plans of the Enchantress and her son Ove.

Iron Man

Marvel's Midnight Suns Iron Man

Stark’s technology can adapt to any occasion, so it’s not hard to imagine his utility facing off against supernatural hordes alongside the Midnight Suns. And considering the posters that have been released, Iron Man may even create special armor to contain this threat.

This is what happened in the comic book arc Fear Itself. Together with the dwarves of Svartalfheim, he forged armor blended with magic for the battle against Odin’s evil brother, the God of Fear Cul Borson.

Doctor Strange

Marvel's Midnight Suns Doctor Strange

No hero would be as prepared to face a Demon Queen on the Avengers team as the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Strange. However, he understands the severe consequences of Chthon‘s imminent return, so it makes a lot of sense that the sorcerer has decided to seek out more mystical heroes capable of containing this threat.

In the comics, he was part of the original Midnight Sons who fought Lilith in the 1990s. Since then, Stephen has faced vampires, cosmic deities, and every kind of supernatural villain you can imagine. He promises to be the bridge between the two teams of heroes who must collaborate to survive in the game.


Marvel's Midnight Suns Wolverine

Wolverine may not understand much about demons, dimensions, and mystical dangers, but there is no one better to mow down hundreds of supernatural soldiers like they are nothing. The furious X-Men mutant was once an essential member of the Avengers and now promises to be a powerful secret weapon of the Midnight Suns in this battle.

Wolverine has faced mystical entities and vampires with no concept of danger throughout his many years in the comics. But most impressively, he also participated in a magical team at one point, along with Doctor Strange: the Secret Defenders. Recently, he has been facing hordes of vampires in the comics.

Ghost Rider

Marvel's Midnight Suns Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is one of the founding members of the Midnight Sons in the comics. Both bearers of the Spirit of Vengeance fought bravely to stop Lilith’s plan in the 1990s, but the version we’ll see in the new game has nothing to do with this classic era – after all, the new summoner is Roberto Reyes.

With no demonic pacts, his powers come directly from the spirit of Elias, a satanic serial killer who worked for the Russian mafia as a mercenary. Robbie was recently invited to work with the Avengers but will have no connection to the team in the game.


Marvel's Midnight Suns Magik

Magik appears in the trailer from the New Mutants, vanquishing a demon with a portal to another dimension. Known for being Colossus’ younger sister, Illyana Rasputin eventually learned the mystic arts after being kidnapped by a demon as a child.

After surviving seven years in Limbo, facing a demonic uprising will be just another ordinary day in her routine. She further studies the occult arts with Doctor Strange in the comics, teaching at his school of mystical forces. This time, she will be part of Midnight Suns with her sword and her dimensional powers.


Marvel's Midnight Suns Blade

Blade, the legendary vampire hunter, is in the spotlight in the comics as he faces the outcome of the Knull invasion. But besides being a valuable ally to the Avengers, he is also one of the founding members of the Midnight Sons and promises to play an essential role in the new tactical game.

All he needs to make life difficult for his enemies are pistols and swords. The damage is guaranteed! The character is so powerful that he recently accepted the delegate – and spy – job in the new vampire nation that has been established in the comics. He definitely laughs in the face of danger!

Nico Minoru

Marvel's Midnight Suns Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru is part of the Runaways cast and doesn’t often appear away from her team in many stories. But here, she will be a valuable member of the Midnight Suns and responsible for awakening The Hunter, along with Doctor Strange, from his deep sleep of over 300 years.

She carries the Staff of One with her: an artifact that responds to her blood and can perform any spell its bearer can imagine, but only once. I don’t know how this will be translated into the game, but she promises to be one of the most powerful characters on the team.

The Hunter

Marvel's Midnight Suns The Hunter

The Hunter is a fully customized original Marvel character, designed especially for this game. Legends say that this was the only person who managed to stop Lilith, his mother, in the past. Since then, this fighter rested for centuries until someday someone would need his help. And this day has arrived.

We do not yet know the full extent of his powers, but Hunter will access light and shadow abilities. In the first gameplay trailer, we can see his healing powers in action, a scene helping Captain Marvel, and his devastating shadow attacks, which will have a price to pay to make things more interesting.

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