Pokémon: Fan ‘Creates’ Fun Poster For New Netflix’s Live-Action Movie

Pokémon Fan 'Creates' Fun Poster For New Netflix's Live-Action Movie

After the interesting experience of Detective Pikachu, the Pokémon franchise should return to live-action, this time with a series produced by Netflix.

The information comes from Variety magazine, which says that there are still no details about the plot or even the production title. The only certainty is the presence of producer Joe Henderson, who worked on Lucifer.

The first reaction of every fan, of course, was to get excited about the news. However, after a few seconds of consideration, many people started to feel quite a certain skepticism of what might be coming down the line.

Netflix is already known for “spoiling” some works with failed attempts at adaptation. Among the most infamous examples is the terrible live-action Death Note movie.

One Twitter user had a rather dismal vision of what he thinks the result of the Pokémon live-action series will look like.

The young man took an official poster from Riverdale‘s series (which, despite not being from Netflix, is another hated example of an unsuccessful adaptation) and just included – roughly – some elements from the Pokémon world.

The protagonist Archie is seen wearing the famous Ash Ketchum cap and, in the background, it is possible to glimpse the shadow of the dreaded Giratina. For him, the title of the series would be ‘Pallet Town.’

Check it out:

However, it doesn’t hurt us to mention that the public was also quite skeptical at the announcement of Detective Pikachu. Nevertheless, fans were positively surprised upon release, and the film was a critical and box office success.

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