Pokémon Will Soon Have a Live-Action Series on Netflix

Pokémon Will Have a Live-Action Series on Netflix

The producers of Lucifer are developing a Pokémon live-action series for Netflix’s streaming service!

Netflix is in the early stages of developing a project based on the popular Pokémon universe. The writer behind this new adventure is Joe Henderson, producer and screenwriter, responsible for series like Catch Me If You Can, Lucifer, and 11.22.63.

Over the years, the brand has already been adapted to various formats. Originating in a video game franchise for Nintendo, the world of these monsters has made its way to the pages of Manga, to television through several anime series, and to the cinema, with several animated films and a live-action project.

Reports say the series aims to replicate Detective Pikachu, a 2019 urban fantasy comedy-mystery live-action Pokemon movie starring Ryan Reynolds and Justice Smith.

Detective Pikachu was produced by Legendary Entertainment and had the distribution power of Warner Bros. However, when it hit the big screen in 2019, the film failed to find enough audiences to deserve a sequel. However, the project’s success on streaming platforms promises to breathe new life into this live-action vision.

The Pokemon live-action series is reportedly very early in development, and there are neither plot details nor casting plans in place.

Soon, Pikachu and his friends will return to the gaming world with Pokémon Unite, a project scheduled for release in September 2021.

Currently, Henderson is preparing the premiere of the sixth and final season of Lucifer, which is scheduled for September on Netflix.

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