2021 NEW What If...? - Zola Vision Funko Pop! Exclusive

Funko POP! Marvel: What If...? - Zola Vision Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure - Target Exclusive

The new Funko POP! Marvel: What If…? – Zola Vision Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Target Exclusive is dedicated to the What If…? Season 1 last episode.

The first season of What If…? came to a close last Wednesday (06) and brought an epic confrontation between the Guardians of the Multiverse and the all-powerful Ultron. The latter took possession of the Vision’s body as his final vessel and took control of the Infinity Stones after killing Thanos with a certain ease.

After losing his physical body in the comics, Nazi scientist Armin Zola went so far as to make his own synthetic body. This robot carries his “face” on its abdomen, which he uses to spring into action and fight Captain America and other heroes.

In the movies, this never happened – we only saw Zola restricted to computers. But in the ninth episode, we can see him taking over Ultron/Vision and taking over the villain’s body, in a very similar way to his look in the comics – complete with a face attached to the abdomen of the synthezoid.

The Target Exclusive Zola Vision Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure from What If…? Marvel series is now available for pre-order at the links below (click to jump!)

Funko POP! Marvel: What If...? - Zola Vision Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure - Target Exclusive

Recently, the series’ producer, A.C. Bradley, talked about what was presented in these last two episodes of the animation. Until then, What If…? sold itself as an anthology narrated by the Watcher, but the final two chapters bring together the characters introduced throughout the previous episodes to compose the team responsible for putting an end to Ultron’s new domination.

For her, one of the productions that most helped her set the tone for the episode was precisely Avengers: Age of Ultron – but not because of its qualities.

Instead, Bradley wanted to make an episode that honored Ultron as a terrifying villain, something that – in the screenwriter’s words – the character didn’t get much of a chance to do in the 2015 film.

Fortunately, Bradley got it right. The episode imagines the worst-case scenario in which Ultron emerges victorious and destroys his entire universe before turning his attention to the Multiverse.

To stop him, it took a joint effort by the Watcher and the Guardians of the Multiverse, and even then, the devastation caused was almost irreversible.

Released in 2015, Avengers: Age of Ultron suffered criticism from the public and the specialized media mainly for the excess of characters introduced throughout its entire run.

This meant that Ultron’s arc ended up being very diluted – much of this was due to Ike Perlmutter’s creative interference at the time of production, including. Fortunately, What If…? does justice to the villain and explores what an Age of Ultron might actually be like.

Funko POP! Marvel: What If…? – Zola Vision Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – Target Exclusive

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