2022 NEW Wolverine vs Sentinel Jumbo Funko Pop! PX Exclusive

Funko Pop! Marvel X-Men: Wolverine vs Sentinel 10-Inch Jumbo Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure - PX Exclusive

Not official until confirmed.

The new Funko Pop! Marvel X-Men: Wolverine vs. Sentinel 10-Inch Jumbo Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure – PX Exclusive is inspired by the X- Men Days of Future Past timeline from the Uncanny X-Men comics.

Days of Future Past is one of the greatest X-Men classics. The story, adapted for theaters in 2014, is part of the brilliant phase written by Chris Claremont with art by John Byrne. The comic is set 30 years in the future when mutants are persecuted, killed, or taken to concentration camps where the Sentinels guard them.
Besides being one of the greatest classics in comic book history, Days of Future Past is a perfect starting point for new readers as it recaps the entire X-Men history up to that point.
The PX Exclusive Wolverine vs. Sentinel 10-Inch Jumbo Funko Pop! is an unconfirmed release. It is only official when or if Funko announces it. I’ll update more information in the long run.
In 2013 (Earth-811), mutants are experiencing a holocaust. The sentinels have taken over the US government and proclaimed war on mutants. Those who have not been murdered have been imprisoned in concentration camps.
But all this tragic future is the result of one event: Senator Kelly’s assassination, an anti-mutant activist who wanted to run for president.

Wolverine joined the Canadian Resistance Movement because he wanted to find a way to destroy the sentinels before Europe made a preemptive nuclear strike against North America.

He began smuggling device parts that Kate Pryde needed to build the device that temporarily deactivated the inhibitor collars that she and the rest of the mutants were forced to wear inside the concentration camp. This device freed Colossus, Storm, Rachel Summers, Franklin Richards, Magneto, and herself.

After escaping from prison, Kate ventures into a kind of mental time travel from 2013 to the 1980s (Earth-616), transferring her mind to her younger self.

She intended to warn the X-Men of that time about the events leading up to this destructive future and try to prevent Senator Kelly’s assassination, which sparked the entire futuristic anti-mutant war.

There, Kate and the X-Men successfully prevent the Senator’s assassination, which would drastically change the future of the mutant race. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that she created a divergent reality instead of correcting the timeline.

Her mission saved the lives of Earth-616 mutants, but on Earth-811, nothing changed, and some of the only survivors of that time, like Wolverine, Storm, and Franklin Richards, died in battle (but then they came back, folks, nobody stays dead long in the comics).

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