2023 NEW Funko Shop Exclusive D.Va Funko Pop! & Bag Bundle

Overwatch: D.V.A Metallic Funko Pop! and Loungefly Bag Bundle - Funko Shop Exclusive

Overwatch: D.Va Metallic Funko Pop! and Loungefly Bag Bundle – Funko Shop Exclusive

Available at:

Funko Shop
Funko Europe

In a galaxy where gaming meets avant-garde fashion, a new star emerges on the horizon—introducing the new Overwatch: D.Va Metallic Funko Pop! and Loungefly Bag Bundle – Funko Shop Exclusive, a celestial fusion of style and fandom that’s destined to make waves in both the gaming and fashion universes.

Now available for order at Funko Shop! To get your hands on this Pop Vinyl Figure at its release, be sure to check out the links I’ve provided below – click to jump or keep scrolling for more details!

The Exclusive D.Va Metallic Funko Pop and Loungefly Bag Duo

As an avid Overwatch player and enthusiast, one can’t help but be captivated by the game’s rich array of characters, each with its unique style and flair.

Among them, D.Va stands out not just because of her exceptional gaming prowess but also due to her unmistakable aesthetic appeal. The recent release of the Overwatch: D.Va Metallic Funko Pop! is nothing short of a collector’s dream.

The Funko Pop features D.Va in a striking suit adorned with metallic details. Her posture is confident, reflecting her in-game dominance. She is pointing her finger, almost signaling a challenge to opponents.

That metallic gleam does more than just shine; it tells the tale of a warrior ready for combat, making it an absolute must-have for any D.Va fan.

But wait, the excitement doesn’t end there! Paired with the Funko Pop is the Loungefly D.Va Meka Suit Mini Backpack. Crafted from vegan leather, the bag exudes style and functionality.

It showcases D.Va’s iconic armor, equipped with twin-arm cannons, which intriguingly swivel back and forth. Peek inside, and the coordinated lining further testifies to the exquisite craftsmanship.

On its reverse, the bag boasts in-game logos, making it a perfect blend of subtlety and fandom declaration.

This bundle sets itself apart by merging the world of gaming with fashion in a seamless blend. For anyone passionate about Overwatch and D.Va, in particular, this exclusive release is a brilliant addition to their collection.

Hurry, though; with only 3,000 pieces available, this Loungefly accessory will surely be snatched up quickly. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your Overwatch collection with this impeccable duo!

The Funko Shop Exclusive D.Va Pop! and Bag Bundle can be ordered at the links below (click to jump!)

Overwatch: D.V.A Metallic Funko Pop! and Loungefly Bag Bundle - Funko Shop Exclusive

Overwatch: D.V.A Metallic Funko Pop! and Loungefly Bag Bundle - Funko Shop Exclusive

MEKA Mastery: Inside D.Va’s Battle Arsenal

The world of Overwatch boasts many characters, each bringing their unique flair and abilities to the game.

Among the standout heroes is D.Va, a former professional gamer turned mech pilot, defending her homeland from an immense Omnic threat.

But what stands out most about D.Va isn’t just her backstory but the sheer power and versatility of her MEKA.

For starters, D.Va’s MEKA is a modern marvel in the gaming universe. It’s a handy yet robust machine, designed with twin Fusion Cannons that let loose a continuous volley of damage without the need for reloading.

This firepower doesn’t come without its drawbacks, however. As D.Va unleashes her Fusion Cannons, her movement is slightly hampered, a small price to pay for the barrage she delivers to opponents.

And while the Fusion Cannons are a vital part of D.Va’s offensive strategy, the MEKA’s defensive capabilities are equally impressive. The Defense Matrix is an advanced piece of technology.

With a mere activation, D.Va can shoot down incoming projectiles, rendering many enemy attacks useless. This ability is crucial when pushing against enemy lines or protecting teammates from a barrage of attacks.

But D.Va’s MEKA isn’t just about offense and defense—it’s also about mobility. The Boosters allow D.Va to propel her MEKA into the air, changing directions on a dime or even knocking back enemies in her path.

Whether you’re looking to engage the enemy or make a hasty retreat, the Boosters give D.Va the agility to navigate Overwatch’s complex battlegrounds.

Another fascinating tool in D.Va’s arsenal is the Micro Missiles. These are a barrage of rockets that explode upon impact, dealing damage in a confined radius around each blast.

It’s an effective tool for dispersing tight-knit enemy groups or delivering a quick burst of damage before engaging with the Fusion Cannons.

And if all these abilities weren’t enough, D.Va has an ace up her sleeve: the Self-Destruct. In desperate situations, D.Va can eject from her MEKA, setting its reactor to explode and deal massive damage to anyone nearby.

It’s a game-changing move, one that can swiftly turn the tide of battle.

Outside the MEKA, D.Va isn’t defenseless either. Equipped with a mid-range Light Gun, she can hold her own and fight off enemies. And if she accumulates enough charge, D.Va can call down a brand new MEKA, returning to the battlefield in her armored suit.

In the grand scheme of Overwatch, every hero is unique, contributing to the team’s success. Yet, D.Va and her MEKA stand out for their versatility, blending the right mix of attack, defense, and mobility.

The intricate design of the MEKA, combined with D.Va’s unmatched piloting skills, makes them a memorable duo in the vast roster of Overwatch heroes.

Overwatch: D.Va Metallic Funko Pop! and Loungefly Bag Bundle – Funko Shop Exclusive

Available at:

Funko Shop
Funko Europe

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