2023 NEW Pop! Freddy Funko 25th Anniversary Mystery Box

Freddy Funko 25th Anniversary Mystery Box - Funko Shop Exclusive

Hey there, Funko fanatics! Grab your party hats. We’re celebrating 25 epic years with our leading man, Freddy Funko. Imagine this, our iconic Funko face, Freddy, leaping out of a present, a broad grin on his face, holding a tempting slice of birthday cake. Oh, what a sight! That’s what you get with the Freddy Funko 25th Anniversary Mystery Box – Funko Shop Exclusive.

The pop figure drops at 9.30 AM PT and can be found at the links below – click to jump or scroll to continue reading!

If there’s one thing you should know about Freddy, it’s that he’s a fan of everything, especially parties! So join Freddy Funko in celebrating 25 years of fun with the Freddy Funko 25th Anniversary Mystery Box!

This bundle features 6 Pop! figures, including Pop! Anniversary Freddy, and an assortment of exclusives and mainline collectibles.

This Pop! Anniversary Freddy is ready to surprise your collection with a delicious slice of cake as he pops out of a present labeled “To Funatics.” What other surprises will you find in this Funko Web exclusive Mystery Box?

The Funko Shop Exclusive Freddy Funko 25th Anniversary Mystery Box can be found at tk«he links below (click to jump!)

Freddy Funko 25th Anniversary Mystery Box - Funko Shop Exclusive

In the realm of pop culture, Funko’s 25th Anniversary is an explosion of nostalgia and delight.

It is a tribute to a world that transcends reality, embracing the unique allure of beloved characters that shaped the zeitgeist.

A celebration that vividly paints the collective imagination into the canvas of reality.

The essence of each character, their quirks, their iconic attributes, and every minute detail is encapsulated in these charming collectibles.

Whether it’s the audacious superheroes, armed with their unwavering spirit, or whimsical wizards casting spells that bewitch our hearts, each Funko is a homage to the stories we cherish.

The anniversary collection is a testament to the essence of these characters, the joy they’ve sparked, and the journeys they’ve navigated.

This Anniversary isn’t just a celebration of Funko.

It’s a celebration of us, the dreamers who’ve lived, laughed, and cried with these characters.

A tangible piece of our cherished fandoms.

Funko Pop! Freddy Funko 25th Anniversary Mystery Box

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Funko Shop

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