2023 NEW Tapatío Man Funko Soda w/ Diamond Chase Exclusive

Funko Pop! Soda: Tapatío Man Funko Vinyl SODA with Diamond Chase Variant – Funko Shop Exclusive (2023 release)

The new Funko Pop! Soda: Tapatío Man Funko Vinyl SODA with Diamond Chase Variant – Funko Shop Exclusive (2023 release) is here, and it’s hotter than ever! For those with a penchant for unique collectibles, this exclusive variant promises to be a spicy addition to your collection. With its shimmering rarity and iconic design, it’s a must-have for both Tapatío and Funko fans.

To get your hands on this Soda Figure at its release, be sure to check out the links I’ve provided below – click to jump or scroll to continue reading!

Spicing Up the Funko World: Introducing the Tapatío Man Soda with Diamond Chase Edition!

Do you know that exhilarating feeling of snagging a rare piece for your collection?

Well, prepare to feel that rush again!

The Tapatío Man, that iconic emblem of spicy delight, has made a grand entrance into the world of collectibles as a Funko Vinyl SODA.

But hold onto your sombreros because this isn’t your ordinary Soda.

Dubbed the “Diamond Glitter Tapatío Man,” this exclusive piece glimmers with the kind of zest only the Tapatío Man can bring.

And here’s a sprinkle of extra spice: out of the 20,000 pieces created, there’s a tantalizing 1 in 6 chance you might stumble upon this shimmering chase variant.

So, while your taste buds know the kick of Tapatío, let your collector’s spirit experience the thrill of the chase with this gleaming gem.

Happy hunting!

The Funko Shop Exclusive Tapatío Man with Diamond Chase Funko Vinyl Soda can be found for purchase at the links below (click to jump!)

Funko Pop! Soda: Tapatío Man Funko Vinyl SODA with Diamond Chase Variant – Funko Shop Exclusive (2023 release)

Diving into the Fiery World of Tapatío: Meet the Tapatío Man

Have you ever glanced at a bottle of Tapatío and been intrigued by the mustached man on the label, his sombrero tilted just so, eyes sparkling with secrets?

Ah, my friends, there’s more to him than meets the eye!

Dive with me into the spicy tale of the iconic Tapatío Man.

Now, before we heat things up, let’s clear the air: Tapatío is not just any hot sauce. Oh no!

With a deep history that resonates with countless hot sauce enthusiasts, it’s more than just a condiment.

It’s an emblem of Mexican heritage, a fiery dance on the taste buds, and it’s all encapsulated by the charismatic Tapatío Man.

Who, you may ask, is this mysterious figure?

To start with, Tapatío is a colloquial term for people from Guadalajara, Jalisco, in Mexico.

The sauce itself was introduced to the world in 1971, taking its name from this very moniker.

With that rich heritage, it’s only fitting that this zesty creation’s face is the Tapatío Man, embodying the spirit of Guadalajara.

His mustache, for instance, is not just a relic from a bygone era of style. In Mexico, the mustache has been a symbol of pride and masculinity for generations.

Coupled with the sombrero – an unmistakable marker of traditional Mexican attire – it’s clear that the Tapatío Man stands as a sentinel of cultural significance.

He’s a gateway, guiding you to the authentic flavors of Mexico.

Now, as much as we’d all love to believe in a legend, the truth is that the Tapatío Man isn’t based on a single real-life figure.

Sorry to burst that spicy bubble! But that doesn’t make him any less iconic.

His image is crafted from a blend of classic Mexican archetypes, fusing together to form the perfect mascot for such a robust sauce.

However, what truly makes the Tapatío Man stand out is not just his look. It’s the emotion he evokes.

There’s a sense of mystery around him, an invitation to explore.

One look at his face, and you can almost hear the sizzle of a taco on a grill, feel the warmth of a Mexican sun, or be transported to a bustling Guadalajara market.

So, next time you reach for that Tapatío bottle to add some kick to your meal, take a moment.

Look into the eyes of the Tapatío Man and give a nod of appreciation.

He’s not just a face on a label. He’s a storyteller, a guardian of flavor, and the spicy ambassador of a rich heritage.

Here’s to you, Tapatío Man, and the zesty tales you bring to our tables!


Funko Pop! Soda: Tapatío Man Funko Vinyl SODA with Diamond Chase Variant – Funko Shop Exclusive (2023 release)

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