9 NEW Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Funko Pops (2022)

Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Funko Pops (2022)

Disney’s 50th Anniversary has arrived at Funko! For any fans of Disney, the new Disney World 50th Anniversary Funko Pops has everything you could ever ask for.

Ever thought of a birthday party that lasts a year and a half? It’s The World’s Most Magical Celebration, the 50th-anniversary celebration of the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando.

The big event, which began in October and runs through 2023, will feature new attractions, nightly shows, and new experiences at Disney Parks and Resort hotels!

Mark a milestone in Disney history with these magical new Pops! Including Pop! Rides, Plush and Pop! Keychains!

These Disney World-inspired Pops! will sure stand out in our Funko collection. For any long-time follower of the Disney brand, this is an ideal gift to make their day a bit more special.

Here’s the breakdown of the already available items for order:

Consider yourself a collector? Bring home the superb Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure today! This would look fantastic on any shelf or desk, adding the extra-needed charm to your room.

The new Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Funko Pops are now available for pre-order at the links below. They’re expected to be released in March 2022.

Disney World 50th Anniversary Funko Pops (common) Disney World 50th Anniversary Funko Pops (exclusives) Disney World 50th Anniversary Funko Plush Disney World 50th Anniversary Funko Key Chains

Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Funko Pops (2022)

If you are curious about these celebrations, check out some trivia from “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” below.

  1. The gold medallion that adorns Cinderella’s castle is approximately 13 feet in diameter;
    The lighting created especially for the celebrations was called “EARidescence,” referring to Mickey’s ears that are a Disney symbol;
  2. To celebrate Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary, about two thousand banners were placed throughout the parks and resorts of the complex;
  3. The castle also had 16,500 square feet of ribbons and banners added to give the appearance of a celebration;
  4. The monorail lines feature 3,840 new outdoor led lights so that each formation appears to be moving over a fluid field of color;
  5. The newest addition to the fleet of boats that circle the complex’s large lagoon transporting guests from the hotels to the parks has been named Tradewinds;
  6. Three nightly outdoor shows debut in October: Disney Enchantment, Harmonius, and Disney Kite Tails;
  7. Disney World cast members received their new EARidescent ID badges, adorned with hand-stamped gold leaf;
  8. Jeff Vahle, one of Disney World’s executives who has been with the company for 50 years, will attend the party;
  9. One of the Magic Kingdom’s main showcases is named after George Kalogridis, who served as global ambassador for the “World’s Most Magical Celebration.”

Funko Pop! Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Funko Pops, Plush and Key Chains (2022)

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