Arknights - Skadi - Elite 2 Ver.- 1/7 (Kotobukiya)

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Kotobukiya presents the Skadi – Elite 2 Ver. figure from the popular smartphone video game Arknights.

Arknights is a mobile tower defense game set in a post-apocalyptic universe. In this dystopia, the player embodies the masked and amnesiac “Doctor” and will have to recruit, train and command multiple Operators to fight the spread of a deadly infection. Your tactics will determine the future of Rhodes Island!

Skadi is a character from Arknights and a notable figure in the series. She has shown impressive combat prowess in the past and is very experienced in combat. Skadi has control over the seas and water, being able to utilize it in her attacks. In her official art, it is depicted that Skadi can even generate waves capable of carrying animals.

All her attire and the whirlpool surrounding the Skadi figure with which we can appreciate her ability to manipulate the water were perfectly recreated.

Look at the imposing pose with which Skadi has been represented kneeling and holding her sword while looking at us with a death-defying expression conveying all her strength.

A beautiful figure in terms of sculpture, to which we highlight the well-done painting work and the translucent material allowing us to appreciate the different textures.

Pre-orders for the Arknights – Skadi – Elite 2 Ver. (Kotobukiya) will be available starting May 1st, 2021. It’s expected to be shipped in October 2021.

Kotobukiya: Arknights – Skadi – Elite 2 Ver. figure

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