Beast Kingdom: Disney Lion King – Diorama Stage (DS-07) Statue

Beast Kingdom Disney Lion King - Diorama Stage (DS-07) Statue

Beast Kingdom: Disney Classics Lion King – Diorama Stage (DS-07) Statue celebrates one of the most famous scenes from Disney animated classics.

Who hasn’t been emotional watching The Lion King? The Walt Disney Pictures animated film, released in 1994, marked many of our childhoods.

In this Beast Kingdom, D-Stage-076, the classic Hakuna Matata scene is recreated in full. Featuring all of the characters, Simba is seen climbing down a log in wonder amongst a lush jungle backdrop. At the same time, Timon and Pumbaa are both leisurely relaxing and singing their favorite song.

For the sharp-eyed fans of the film, the two familiar insects are also featured. Careful now, don’t get eaten by Simba! What other magical parts of the scene can we find? The plastic statue measures about 6-inches tall and comes packaged in a transparent color box.

Disney Classics Lion King- Diorama Stage (DS-07) Statue from the Beast Kingdom is priced at $34.99. Pre-orders are already live and can be found at the links below. Its release is scheduled for January 2022.

Beast Kingdom Disney Lion King - Diorama Stage (DS-07) Statue

The Lion King is now 27 years old and is among Disney’s biggest hits. The production of the film took six years to reach theaters worldwide. Contrary to all expectations that the film would not be a success, the animated story took two Oscars for Best Soundtrack and Best Original Song.

You may not have seen The Lion King yet, but you have undoubtedly heard about the expression Hakuna Matata. This term became very well known after the release of the animation in 1994.

Hakuna Matata is actually an expression from Swahili, which is spoken in East Africa, such as Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Congo. In free translation, “Hakuna” means “there are none,” and Matata means “trouble.” In other words, it is an expression used to say that there are no problems, with the sense of “everything is just fine.”

Beast Kingdom: Disney Classics Lion King – Diorama Stage (DS-07) Statue

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