Ectotron: The Ghostbusters x Transformers Crossover Is Here!

Transformers Generations Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Ectotron

Transformers Generations Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Ectotron

An Iconic Fusion: Ectotron Rolls Out from Ghostbusters to Transformers

For fans of the supernatural and the Cybertronian,

When the spectral meets the mechanical, magic happens. Introducing the Transformers Generations Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Ectotron, a figure that merges two epic franchises into one collectible masterpiece.

A Spectacular Crossover

Thirty-five years have passed since Transformers and Ghostbusters first captured our hearts and imaginations. In honor of this legacy, Hasbro has crafted Ectotron: a converting powerhouse that transforms from the Ghostbusters’ legendary Ecto-1 Cadillac into a ghost-busting Autobot ready to take on paranormal entities.

Details That Deserve a Closer Look

At 7 inches, Ectotron isn’t just a robot; it’s a tribute on wheels (and feet). Down to the smallest detail, its design echoes the 1984 Ghostbusters’ aesthetic, complete with the iconic Ghostbusters logo and the storied Ecto-1 license plate. Each accessory adds to its ghost-hunting arsenal, preparing Ectotron for any spectral challenges it may face.

Transformers Hasbro Transformers

Unleash the Ecto-Transformer in Your Collection

Ectotron comes equipped with a companion of its own – the infamous Slimer, a ghost with a ravenous appetite. Together, they bridge worlds and ward off spirits, making this figure a dual homage that’s sure to be the centerpiece of your Transformers or Ghostbusters collection.

A Collectible That’s More Than Meets the Eye

It’s not often a figure that can boast roots in two transformative tales of the ’80s. Ectotron does just that, standing as a symbol of ingenuity and nostalgia. This crossover is not just a piece for display but a conversation starter for any collector lucky enough to wield it.

Capture the Ghost of the Past with Ectotron

Don’t let this piece become an apparition in your memories. Take action and make the Transformers Generations Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Ectotron a reality in your collection today.

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