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Funko Disney: Who Framed Roger Rabbit Enamel Pop! Pins - Funko Fair 2021

We don’t know who framed him, but Funko pinned our favorite characters from Roger Rabbit Disney’s animated movie with their signature 3D Pop! head!

Even today, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is the perfect example of cartoon fusion with real images, a unique film, with crazy and irresistible humor, which kicked off the golden age of animation we live in today. Launched at Funko Fair 2021, the Roger Rabit pins are here to add some rabbit fun to your collection:

  • Roger Rabbit Large Enamel Pop! Pin
  • Jessica Rabbit With Chase Variant Large Enamel Pop! Pin
  • Toon Patrol Smarty Weasel Large Enamel Pop! Pin
  • Judge Doom Large Enamel Pop! Pin

Roger Rabit Pop! Pins come with a removable display stand on the back, and if you’re lucky, you’ll receive a Jessica Rabbit Pop! Pin chase variant! Pre-orders are now live, and you can find them located below.

Hollywood, 1947. Eddie Valant, a detective with little luck, is hired to find evidence that Marvin Acme, the big and fun industrial owner of the cartoon city, is ‘having fun’ with sexy Jessica Rabbit, wife of Roger Rabbit. When Acme is found dead, all the evidence points to Roger and the sinister and powerful judge Doom is determined to arrest him. Roger begs Valiant to find the real killer. Things get complicated when Eddie dismantles scandal after scandal and realizes that the cartoon city’s very existence is in danger!

Funko Fair 2021 is well and truly underway! Check out all the amazing new Pops released as part of Funko Fair here on our Funko News page.

Funko Disney: Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit With Chase Variant, Toon Patrol Smarty Weasel, and Judge Doom Large Enamel Pop! Pins – Funko Fair 2021

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