Funko Fusion: Unleash Iconic Characters in Your Collection

Funko Fusion Pops

Funko Fusion is taking the collectibles and gaming world by storm, combining the charm of Funko Pop! figures with the excitement of interactive gameplay. Among the newest additions to the Funko Fusion universe are some iconic characters that every fan will recognize and love. Let’s dive into the details of these must-have Funko Fusion figures, each coming with a redeemable code for an in-game item that enhances your Funko Fusion experience.

What is Funko Fusion?

Funko Fusion is a video game developed by 10:10 Games in collaboration with Funko. This game merges the world of Funko Pop! collectibles with action-packed gameplay, allowing players to embark on thrilling adventures with their favorite Funko characters. The game is designed to offer a fun and engaging experience, combining elements of exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving.

Gameplay and Features

In Funko Fusion, players can expect a rich and diverse gameplay experience. Here are some of the standout features that make this game so exciting:

  1. Character Collection: Just like in the real world, collecting is a core part of Funko Fusion. Players can unlock and collect various Funko Pop! characters from different franchises, including movies, TV shows, comics, and more.
  2. Dynamic Worlds: The game features multiple themed worlds, each with its unique challenges, enemies, and secrets. Players can explore these vibrant environments, uncover hidden treasures, and complete quests to advance in the game.
  3. Action-Packed Combat: Funko Fusion offers an engaging combat system where players can use their favorite Funko characters to battle enemies. Each character has unique abilities and special moves, adding depth and strategy to the gameplay.
  4. Puzzle-Solving: In addition to combat, players will encounter various puzzles and challenges that require clever thinking and teamwork to solve. These elements add variety and keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.
  5. Multiplayer Mode: Funko Fusion also supports multiplayer mode, allowing players to team up with friends or other players online. This cooperative gameplay enhances the overall experience, making it more fun and social.
  6. In-Game Rewards: As players progress through the game, they can earn in-game rewards, such as new characters, skins, and accessories. These rewards provide a sense of accomplishment and encourage players to keep exploring and collecting.

The Appeal of Funko Fusion

Funko Fusion appeals to a wide range of audiences, from dedicated Funko Pop! collectors to casual gamers. Here’s why:

  • Nostalgia and Fandom: The game features beloved characters from various franchises, tapping into the nostalgia and passion of fans. Whether you’re a fan of superheroes, classic movies, or TV series, there’s something in Funko Fusion for everyone.
  • Collecting Funko Pops: For collectors, Funko Fusion offers a unique way to engage with their favorite Funko Pops. The game brings these characters to life, providing a new dimension to the collecting experience.
  • Engaging Gameplay: The combination of exploration, combat, and puzzle-solving ensures that Funko Fusion offers a well-rounded and enjoyable gameplay experience. The game’s variety keeps players engaged and coming back for more.
  • Community and Social Play: With its multiplayer mode, Funko Fusion fosters a sense of community among players. Teaming up with friends or other fans adds a social element that enhances the fun and excitement.


R.J. MacReady from The Thing

Character Background

R.J. MacReady, portrayed by Kurt Russell, is the rugged helicopter pilot and central hero of John Carpenter’s 1982 horror classic, “The Thing.” Set in the icy desolation of Antarctica, MacReady and his team of researchers face a shape-shifting alien that can assimilate and imitate any living organism it touches. MacReady’s leadership, resourcefulness, and grit are put to the test as he fights to uncover the creature and save humanity from its terrifying potential.

Funko Fusion R.J. MacReady Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #993

Funko Fusion Appeal

This Funko Fusion figure captures MacReady’s rugged look perfectly, complete with his thick beard, winter gear, and a flamethrower – his weapon of choice against the alien menace. The figure’s detailed design and intense expression bring the character’s determined and resilient nature to life. Adding this MacReady Funko Pop! to your collection not only pays homage to a horror legend but also brings a touch of suspense and action to your Funko Fusion gameplay.


Character Background

M3GAN is the central character of the horror sci-fi film “M3GAN,” a lifelike artificial intelligence robot designed to be a child’s best friend. However, when M3GAN becomes overprotective of her human companion, she turns from friendly to deadly, leading to a series of chilling events. M3GAN’s story explores themes of technology, companionship, and the unforeseen consequences of artificial intelligence.
Funko Fusion M3GAN Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #1001

Funko Fusion Appeal

The M3GAN Funko Fusion figure showcases the character’s eerie blend of innocence and menace. Her lifelike appearance, complete with a cracked face and unsettling stare, perfectly captures her dual nature. This figure is a must-have for fans of the film and those who appreciate the intriguing and often terrifying possibilities of AI. In Funko Fusion, M3GAN adds a unique flavor to your adventures, bringing both charm and a hint of danger.

Scare Mare & Scare Glow from Masters of the Universe

Character Background

Scare Glow, known as the Ghost of Skeletor, is a spooky and enigmatic villain from the Masters of the Universe series. With a skeletal appearance that glows in the dark, Scare Glow is a fearsome adversary who wields a halberd and uses his ability to instill fear in his enemies. Scare Mare is his monstrous steed, a dragon-like creature that adds to the terror Scare Glow brings to Eternia.
Funko Fusion Scare Mare & Scare Glow Pop! Ride #999

Funko Fusion Appeal

The Scare Mare & Scare Glow Funko Pop! Rides figure is an impressive addition to any collection. This figure features Scare Glow mounted on his terrifying steed, ready to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies. The glow-in-the-dark feature adds an extra layer of excitement, making it a standout piece in your display. In Funko Fusion, this dynamic duo enhances your collection with their menacing presence and mystical powers, making your adventures in Eternia even more thrilling.

Nicholas Angel from Hot Fuzz

Character Background

Nicholas Angel, played by Simon Pegg, is the protagonist of the 2007 action-comedy film “Hot Fuzz.” Angel is a highly skilled and dedicated police officer from London who is transferred to the seemingly quiet village of Sandford. However, he soon discovers that the village harbors dark secrets and a sinister conspiracy. Angel’s unyielding dedication to justice and his impressive skills make him a formidable force against crime.

Funko Fusion Nicholas Angel Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #997

Funko Fusion Appeal

The Nicholas Angel Funko Fusion figure captures the character’s cool demeanor and readiness for action. Complete with his signature sunglasses and tactical gear, this figure is a tribute to one of the most memorable action heroes in modern cinema. Fans of “Hot Fuzz” will appreciate the figure’s detailed design and its ability to bring a touch of humor and high-octane action to their Funko Fusion collection.

Indominus Rex from Jurassic World

Character Background

The Indominus Rex is the genetically engineered dinosaur and main antagonist of the 2015 film “Jurassic World.” Created by combining the DNA of various dinosaurs and modern animals, the Indominus Rex possesses immense strength, intelligence, and the ability to camouflage. This fearsome creature wreaks havoc in Jurassic World, challenging the park’s security and endangering everyone within its walls.

Funko Fusion Indominus Rex Super Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #1005

Funko Fusion Appeal

The Indominus Rex Funko Fusion figure is a spectacular addition for fans of the Jurassic Park franchise. This figure, especially the chase variant, showcases the dinosaur’s menacing features with a vibrant purple color and glowing eyes, emphasizing its unnatural origins. In Funko Fusion, the Indominus Rex brings a sense of adventure and danger, making it an exciting figure to add to your collection and gameplay.

Why Funko Fusion is a Must-Have for Collectors

Funko Fusion combines the joy of collecting with the thrill of interactive gameplay. Each figure comes with a redeemable code for an in-game item, offering a unique blend of physical and digital collecting experiences. Here are a few reasons why Funko Fusion stands out:

  • Interactive Gameplay: Funko Fusion allows you to bring your favorite Funko Pop! characters to life in an immersive gaming environment. The redeemable in-game items add depth and excitement to your adventures.
  • Unique Collectibles: Each Funko Fusion figure is meticulously designed to capture the essence of the character, making them a prized addition to any collection. The chase variants add an element of surprise and rarity.
  • Diverse Characters: From horror icons like R.J. MacReady and M3GAN to beloved heroes like Nicholas Angel and fearsome creatures like the Indominus Rex, Funko Fusion offers a wide range of characters that appeal to various fandoms.
  • Engaging Community: Being part of the Funko Fusion community means sharing your passion for Funko Pops and gaming with fellow enthusiasts. It’s a great way to connect, share tips, and celebrate new additions to your collection.

Expand Your Funko Fusion Universe

The latest additions to the Funko Fusion line – R.J. MacReady, M3GAN, Scare Mare & Scare Glow, Nicholas Angel, and the Indominus Rex – offer something for every fan. Whether you’re a collector of horror, sci-fi, action, or fantasy figures, these characters bring their unique stories and powers to your Funko Fusion collection.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your collection and gameplay with these iconic figures. Get your Funko Fusion characters today and embark on new adventures filled with excitement, danger, and fun. Keep an eye on Funko Pop news to stay updated on the latest releases and chase variants, ensuring your collection remains vibrant and ever-growing.

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