2021 NEW Peppa Pig Funko Pop!

Funko Pop! Animation – Peppa Pig Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

Peppa is ready for another adventure! Part of Funko’s 2021 Cartoon Classics event! Bring back the nostalgia with the new Funko Pop! Animation – Peppa Pig Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure.

You know, we never thought that pigs could be graceful, but Peppa Pig is proving that wrong!

You have surely seen this little pig on TV, on Youtube, or in a toy store. And if you don’t happen to know her name, just ask any child, and they’ll tell you: Peppa Pig!

Starring the famous little pig, Peppa Pig was launched in 2004 in the UK and has spread worldwide with great success among children.

For adults, getting the chance to be a kid again sounds like a dream come true. (A whole day of watching cartoons in our pajamas and eating sugary cereal? Count me in!) 

Peppa Pig Funko Pop! is now available for pre-order at the links below (click to jump!) Also, don’t forget to check more images of this cute pop right down.

Funko Pop! Animation – Peppa Pig Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

She is sweet, curious, and almost always obedient. But she also loves to be the center of attention, likes to scare her little brother, makes fun of her father’s belly, and is jealous enough to slap the phone in the face of her friend who can whistle. Something that she, despite a lot of effort, is still unable to do.

This could be the description of any child. This, however, is the running record of 4-year-old Peppa Pig. If you have not spent the last few days on Neptune, you know I am talking about a cartoon.

Peppa is the oldest daughter in a family of pigs. There are children — her brother George, Peter Pony, Rebecca Rabbit — and adult animals — Daddy and Mummy Pig, grandparents, uncles, and other critters. The stories revolve around typical children’s dilemmas: fighting over toys, school, house rules, and so on.

Funko Pop! Animation – Peppa Pig Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure

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