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Funko POP Disney: Luca

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From the upcoming Disney movie, Luca! Telling the story of Luca’s unforgettable summer with his best friend, Alberto, Luca Funko Pops are already available for pre-order at the links below.

A boy, a friend, Italian landscapes, and a formula that will be difficult not to be a success in 2021. And from Pixar Animation Studios, they warn us to keep our tissues ready. An enchanted animation about the end of childhood is coming. These wave of Luca pops include:

  • Luca – Alberto Scorfano Funko Pop!
  • Luca – Paguro Funko Pop!
  • Luca – Giulia Marcovaldo Funko Pop!
  • Luca – Paguro (Land) Funko Pop!
  • Luca – Alberto Scorfano (Land) Funko Pop!

Luca is set in an Italian town and tells the story of two boys, Luca Paguro and Alberto Scorfano, his friend. Together, they intend to live an unforgettable summer in the seaside town of beautiful scenery.

On dry land, at first glance, they look like two boys. However, the pair share a big secret: in contact with water, they turn into sea monsters.

During the adventure out of the sea, the challenge is to enjoy the summer without being discovered and enjoy things that sound simple for human beings, such as riding a bike or drinking ice cream. The plot raises themes of love, friendship, and acceptance.

Funko POP Disney: Luca – Alberto Scorfano, Paguro, Giulia Marcovaldo, Paguro (Land) and  Alberto Scorfano (Land) Funko Pop! Vinyl Figures

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